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Hi folks, 

Is there an abbreviation thread somewhere on ICY that I could read?  I see what I think would be a ton of help to me in reading others questions, but then the help goes down an abbreviation road that my newness to the class just can't keep up with ......yet.

I played Shadow Priest for years, hated WoD, left the game, waited for Legion to hit and a bit longer to get a read on the good or bad and then decided to jump back in the pool with a Destro Warlock.  I am loving my little guy but I "feel" like I could be doing a great many things better.

I have read the guide and I follow Annolon on YouTube to glean as much info as I can. 

A basic basic, "this is what this or that means" thread would be an indispensable help.  Its probably here somewhere and I am just not finding it so my apologies if I am asking a taboo question or such. 

Really want to learn it correctly the first time so I won't have to unlearn and relearn over bad habits etc.



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As far as I know one does not exist. How about starting your own? Most abbreviations will be for talents or abilities so that's a good place to start with the list Otherwise put here what ones you may be struggling with. 

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Thanks.  There is about to be one then. :)   Good way to learn I suppose is to look all of them up for verification and discovery both.




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