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[Khadgar][A] <Sundered> (1/10M) LF Raiders 9-11pm est

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Sundered is a guild made up of all sorts of players – hardcore, casual, pvp, – you name it – We have all player type!

Many of the core players have been around for 5 or more years raiding and gaming together from before Warcraft times. What follows is a brief history of Sundered, and hopefully a glimpse of who and what we are.

It began in Cataclysm. Sundered was born from a guild called ‘A Silent Death’ – the guild was failing to transition to a 25 man raiding guild because the two teams had become an A team and B team. This is not an unusual story, and is frequently the cause of most guild explosions. What followed however was a unique story, and more than that, it was our story. The name Sundered was chosen because we considered ourselves a broken guild, having been ‘sundered off’ of the larger A Silent Death. The irony was that without the members who left for Sundered, ASD fell apart within a month. Sundered’s founding officers were Arthej as raid leader (you know him as Hejong-Khadgar, or Steve) and Fathertully-Khadgar as guild master. From the ashes of ASD was forged a stronger bond than what had existed before. The guild had a philosophy that you didn’t have to be a jerk to be an elite raiding team, and that all members of the guild were equally valuable and contributed in different ways. This casual-hardcore hybrid flourished.

Over the years there have been many ups and downs for the guild, some noteable events were the dead periods between MoP and WoD, and WoD and Legion. Maintaining the guild despite a lack of content was a serious challenge, but it was one that was met by the same consistent leadership from the same pair that had always lead the guild. The community itself became a reason to play the game, and in the post-WoD era we have grown to the largest size we ever have been. That community has attracted talent, and now we are the top Alliance guild on server.

Only time will tell how far we will go.


  • Monday - We raid sometimes?
  • Tuesday – 9-11PM EST – Nighthold Normal (Intro to Raiding)
  • Wednesday – 9-11PM EST – Nighthold Heroic (CORE RUN)
  • Thursday – 9-11PM EST – Nighthold Heroic (CORE RUN)
  • Friday – 9-11PM EST – Nighthold Normal (Intro to Raiding) – Continuation from Tuesday’s Run
  • Saturday – 8-11PM EST – Mythic Trial of Valor / Nighthold Heroic (CORE RUN)
  • Sunday – 8-11PM EST – Nighthold Heroic (CORE RUN)

Please show up 15 minutes early to raid!

WE RAID A LOT! We're very active - the largest guild on our server 40-55+ on nightly

Add me for information - Zeebs#1842

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Hey @Frixet,

I updated your title to follow the rules. If you want the title to read something different, let me know and I will change it to reflect both your wish and the rules.

Best regards,

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