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Enh Shamy trinket decision

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I wonder if anyone could help me with the comparison of the following trinkets for my enhancement shaman (armory link) for maximizing general dps in NH raids


I know the BiS trinket list from the enhancement guide but as this list is based on ilvl 895 and until now I was not lucky enough to get the trinkets in this ilvl - so I´m not sure how to count the lower ilvls into the list


What I currently have in my bags is (sorted by ilvl):


Kil´jaeden´s Burning Wish 940 legendary

Nightblooming Frond 895 titanforged

Fulmination Charge 865 warforged myth+ socket

Memento of Angerboda 865 myth+

Bloodthirsty Instinct 835 LFR


For my understanding the best combination for overall dps should be Kil´jaeden and the Frond due to ilvl and therfor biggest amount of agi which is my primary stat, but I got some valueable dps / dmg charts with the Bloodthirsty Instinct in combination with the Memento or the Frond even they have lower ilvl and stats.  

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The Frond was a good trinket, but it got a big slap in the face in a hotfix shortly after NH release. I would try your Bloodthirsty Instinct with Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish. And keep in mind that from one pull to the next, your damage output can change a lot because of simple RNG with the procs, which is out of your hands.

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