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Returning to the game?

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Hello everyone


I was one of the unfortunates that got disillusioned with WoW near the start of MoP when the dailies started adding up and then finding I needed to do some on all my toons for professions and to spend JP/VP for the various reps and gradually stopped playing.


Anyways, it seems that the upcoming patch has sparked a bit of smoldering fire (we will see if it catches lol) and Im thinking of coming back.


The problem is, looking at the armory to see who still around in guild is the 100 odd players we had are gone, from game not guild, as it looks like most of their toons i remember are still there or their alts and it seems from guild activity that maybe 1 or 2 ppl use a toon per month.

Is this whats happened all over WoW, as I saw somewhere that there's only something like 7odd million playing now? Thats like a 40% drop in pop so are servers like "ghost towns" now making it hard to form groups or AH economies screwed by not enough buyers, sellers, or farmers of mats to do much?


I guess after all that ramble, What is WoW like now? Is there still a "vibe" in server communities or have they become "closed shops" within guilds so to speak.


I guess there will be good servers still, feel free to recommend any, as wow progress shows my current server has only 1 or 2 guilds doing heroic raids which suggests the server is pretty dead


Thank you for reading




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