Patch 7.2 - Build 23657: Artifact Traits, Class Changes, Legendary Updates

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In our second overview of Build 23657, we're taking a look at new golden traits for Demon Hunters, Priests, Warlocks and Warriors, latest class changes and updates to crafted Legendary items & Tier 20 Set bonuses.

Artifact Traits

Several golden traits that previously carried the "Under Construction!" tag have been added.

Demon Hunter (Vengeance)

Priest (Holy)

Warlock (Destruction)

  • Cry HavocCry Havoc - When Chaos BoltChaos Bolt damages a target afflicted by HavocHavoc, it explodes, dealing 0 damage to enemies within 8 yards.

Warrior (Protection)

Class Changes


  • PvP Talents
    • Scatter ShotScatter Shot - incapacitates the target instead of disorienting
    • Spider StingSpider Sting - Stings the target with potent spider venom for 4 secs (down from 5 secs), cooldown reduced to 45 secs (down from 60 secs)
    • Viper StingViper Sting - cooldown reduced to 30 secs (down from 45 secs)



  • ChargeCharge - now also roots the target for 1 sec
  • InterceptIntercept -  now also roots the target for 1 sec
  • PvP Talents
    • Endless RageEndless Rage - Increases the duration of your EnrageEnrage effect by 1 sec (down from 2 secs), and your Raging BlowRaging Blow refreshes the duration of your EnrageEnrage
    • War BannerWar Banner - Increases movement speed by 30% and reduces the duration of all incoming crowd control effects by 50% to all allies within 0 (down from 30) yards of the war banner. Lasts 15 sec

Crafted Legendary Items Changes

Stat & affix adjustments for

Tier 20 Set Bonuses


Fury 4-piece was replaced with a new one

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ofc Destro is underpowered, like really 0 dmg >.>.... (Sarcasm), In all seriousness, I like how blizz is kinda pushing our worst stat to be perhaps one of our best now with our tier pieces :D. 

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