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Demonology Warlock need help with DPS

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Hi, I need some help with my DPS. I'm 898 equipped and can't be more than 550k dps. I tried to check other locks rotation to see what i'm doing wrong but i couldn't figured out (except that i have some mastery that I shouldn't have).

Here is my logs on Trilliax MM : 


And this is my armory :


If you could give me advice or tips, it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like a pain for my mates :/


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Super busy at the moment but for now work on:

Cast DE after each summon/double summon (your DE uptime is 80%)

Cast more dogs

Try to minimise your movement if you can

Did you sim yourself with ID and belt on ST? For some it's better, some not

Get 54 points, 4 set and drop Twisting Wind

Try to avoid wasting shards

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