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Soul Effigy issue

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Hi all.  My apologies for what I believe is going to be a really noob question.  I am in my mid 40's and have no computer skills beyond turning it on or off.  If my system breaks..I am the guy who has a tech come out and fix it or I just buy a new one.  I fly airplanes for a living.  Physics, Aerodynamics and Geometry etc I can do in my head...programming and coding?  Forget about it.


So here is my question:

I really want to try affliction after loving Destro a LOT.  However as I play mostly solo, I need the single target spec and Soul Effigy is preventing me from playing Affliction.  It comes down to the fact that I am using Shadow Frames and cannot right click and cancel my Soul Effigy so it stays up permanently.
Is there a macro that I can use to get rid of my Soul Effigy?  (Apparently Soul Effigy is a Totem but that might as well be in Russian for me)  If so what would the exact text be?  I found one that was supposed to do this but it asks for a "modifier" and I don't even know how to set that up.  Ideally I would Bind it to a qbar and use Shift-1 to access it.  Does that make sense?

I use Bartender 4 which makes Keybinds easy enough for my limited knowledge to figure out. 


Help please. 


EDIT:  I found this one.  Its not a perfect solution and requires a second Macro to set and clear focus but at least I can now get rid of the Soul Effigy when the fight is over.  lol

/cast [talent:7/1] Soul Effigy
/click [mod:Alt,talent:7/1] TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton

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Yeah I use the same basic macro. 

If you are playing solo though (out in the world or even in dungeons) I would drop Soul Effigy for Soul Conduit as your target changes too much for it to give any benefit at all. Or you may even like the Phantom talent if you wish to pull a lot of mobs at once (tends to be painful in dungeons though!)

For raiding I barely use Effigy either. I keep trying but I seem to do worse with it every time. Conduit can have more RNG but for whatever reason I do consistently better with it. 

I assume that you probably cannot use SimulationCraft but if you can play with the different talents and see what the results are like for you. My results are so close due to gear/relics and so on while others are very much apart. I do have the tier 4 set and the legendary belt though which increases shard regen a lot and hence is probably why Effigy gives me a lot less benefit than for others.

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oh and not sure what your gear level is like but if you fight 3 or more mobs regularly you may actually want to consider taking Sow The Seeds over Siphon LIfe (I assume that's what you run if you're using a single target spec) or Soul Harvest.

Last night on the two single target raid bosses I killed my Siphon LIfe did 7-8% of my damage which is very little (and without it I would drain more offsetting some of that loss anyhow). Where as the Seeds talent adds a LOT of Area of Effect (AoE) damage when we are killing multiple mobs. So have a play around and see what works for you. The cookie cutter builds posted around are not necessarily the best for all people in all circumstances so experiment. 


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for single target Aff I actually take Soul Conduit over SE. There some sims and information that says SE is better but looking at logs, almost no one is using it right now. It is clunky, annoying, and the DPS is dead even with SC.

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Thanks Locky and Spikey!  I am thinking I might do as you guys are indicating and go with a different talent.  SE is awfully clunky and I have never played Affliction before.  My first impression after trying it out is that the healer is going to do far higher DPS then me while I figure out how to untie the knot I am sure to tie myself into.  hehe


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