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Pally VS Warrior VS DH

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Hi everyone.

Recently I've been thinking about leveling an alt, but I dont know what should I choose. Im thinking about Pally retribution, Warrior Fury or DH Havoc. 

What would you choose and why? I would love to read your opinions.

Thanks for reading ^^

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DH is alot of fun if you like the movement, flying and good dps. Can also tank

Warriors are always rock solid. Can also tank.

Pallys have 1 advantage over the other two, if after leveling, you decide you want to heal you can. Its an all in one. 

If your only leveling for the lols then play any or all of them :)

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Topics like this are always a bit tricky because it comes down to personal taste. So, i'm going to try and give you a taste test, to theoretically sample each spec.

Havoc is super mobile and super fast. During battle you are zip zopping and flip flopping all over the place. You have unparalleled burst, im mean crazy burst damage, however, you are a bit squishy with limited defensive CDs. There is also the possibility of a bit of downtime in rotation. Also you can turn into a demon, and the associated mythic plus demon build is very fun, shoot eye lazorz everywhere pew pew

Fury is solid and straight forward. More or less you will roll your face between 3 attacks until you can use your one big attack and rinse and repeat. Very solid, can quest fairly quickly, rotation is a bit repetitive in my eyes but fun and powerful. Fury is easy to approach but yet still very strong.

Ret is kind of like going to the airport, hurry up and wait hurry up and wait. You build up holy power, use a debuff, then you want to spam finishing moves, and generate more holy power for more finishing moves very quickly. so its kind of like, derp>debuff>ZOMG ATTACK FAST. This is even more so with the number one max lvl talent that encourages burning holy power. Very self sturdy, strong self healing, really good personal defense.

So, all three are great ( i agree with shells why not all of them?) but that's to give you a taste. Demon hunter super fast zip zoppin, fury moderate fast face rollin, pally intermittent burst with alternating gameplay speeds. All are strong and good choices, you just gotta ask which one sounds good?

or ya know, do 3 boost previews, that's an option too

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