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900 ilvl - Abominably Low Fire DPS?

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Hey folks!

In the EN tier my DPS was quite competitive with my colleagues in my raiding guild, and I felt like I was doing my part. Since 7.1.5 I feel like I'm either stuck in the "wrong way" of playing (because of the fire changes), or for another reason my DPS is significantly lower than it should be. Given I'm 900 ilvl with (what I believe is) good stat distribution and a high ilvl (and 4pc), I really don't think pulling ~400k DPS is really sufficient. These feelings are boosted by the fact other mages in my guild with a lower ilvl are performing way higher than I am.

My armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/barthilas/Arkanen/simple - (Currently running dragon's breath helm + AF, but was not during log below).

Here is a full log of our heroic run from the 01/03/2017: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/cryXFfGzQAbRCPMm - The main people I use for comparison are "Flexxed" and "Mizuirosuki".

My opener generally looks like: Pre-pot > Fireball > PF > Mirror Images > Combustion > (if not hot streaked) Blast > Pyro > Blast > Pyro > Blast > Pyro > PF > Pyro > PF > Pyro > Blast Pyro

And my rotation outside of combustion generally looks like: Fireball until heating up > Keep casting Fireball, use fire blast > Pyro at end of Fireball cast > Fireball > If no heating up, PF > (if not hot streaked) Blast > Pyro

Any assistance in helping me out here would be much appreciated as I hate feeling like I'm being carried by the rest of my raid :(

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Hello Joey 

I'm a 896 mage and i have a few ideas to bump up some of your numbers in fights. now while in single target fights you will not be able to pull as much dps as a frost mage in the aoe fights thats where we shine. i looked at your meters and mine to compare and i beat you in fights or go even while being at a lower ilvl.

One get your weapon maxed out asap.

Two try different talents ,pyromaniac instead of conflagration it takes a little getting used to but it can pay off very well, also try living bomb instead of unstable magic. While it's not the best for single target in NH there is always on almost every fights some sort of aoe. Try flame on instead of Alexstrasza's Fury,i have the legendary but still use that talent cause in boss fights over 2 mins you'll utilize that way more then the  effects of Alexstra's fury. Also while mirror image is great on signle target fights rune of power excels in everything even single target. While not as high as mirror image rune of power will make your burst way nicer plus gives you a good cd to line up with dragons breath and meteor. 

Three your stats. Your stats aren't bad but they need to be rearranged a little. aim for 60% crit 15+ mastery and the rest haste vers. Realize in this patch we got all our haste we need from our trinkets and 4 set bonus so no point in getting more from gear instead try to bring your mastery up. mastery literaly is a better version of vers as it makes your ignite do a higher percent damage from your fireball/pyroblast.

Lastly try to use potion of prolonged power instead of deadly grace. While deadly grace is better when it procs  its not the most consistent.Prolonged power  is just a stat buff and thats what us mages in this patch love is pure raw stats.

Other then that theres no alot as fire mages we can do. we got hit hard with the patch but we can still be relevant.If you try those new talents and work on your rotation and stats i think you can easily add 100k to single target fights and more to aoe. Hope that helps.

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One last thing is use your cd's as soon as they are up and always watch your cd's like combustion to make sure you  have plenty 2 phoenix flames charges and three fire blasts, and always use dragons breath it has a short cd and you should be getting more of them off in your fights. the fights i compared was the trilliax fight. i did look at the others and think the same things will effect all the fights in NH https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/18730824/latest/ i haven't done alot of NH heroic but these are my numbers. while not the best i do beat you in some fights but some of that has to do with the fact that my fights were alot shorter. if you use the helm legendary and line that up with your burst and rune of power plus meteor youll pump alot more dmg out of you bigger cd spells with rune of power

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Hey, I have almost the same Ilvl as you. (900-903 depend of the fight/build i use for it).

I got all the BiS leg.

Here are my last logs for Nh Hm

First I am raid leading all my trash guild so I think i am loosing a lot of dps because i can't be 100% focus on my rotations, when i am doing guldan Hm in PU I pull 100k more.

In a perfect fight, I touch almost 600k on krosus and Strar, so in mono and around 800k in multy fight (aluriel)

If you are using living bomb, you should use it on low hp add to make it explod, not on the boss (scorpyron is a good exercice).

First thing in the open, you pre-cast Mirror image (I know msound strange but you will gain an important gcd), pre-pot, cast pyro,pheonix, pyro, bast, ect.
Use the meteor on Cd after the end of combustion.
NEVER USE A PYRO ALONE, always cast a fire ball befor throwing the pyro at the end of the cast.

For every fight in Nh you should go check Wow log to see wich set of telent are best for each fight, if you don't know how to use perfectly Rune of Power you will loose a lot of dps compared to MI even in multi, for myself I hate RoP.

For Phoenix, you can throw 3 other pheonix after your burt befor your next combustion. try to use them when you are moving to gain procs.


Your stats aren't bad at all, I think you just lack of fight knowledge, again watch log, check when they use certain spell, how to use it, compare yourself ect.

If you have precise questions feel free to ask.


You can also join the Discord of the mage to ask questions there :

See you,

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On 13/3/2017 at 6:13 PM, Arcanium said:

Where can i see the best set of talent?

For every fight in Nh you should go check Wow log to see wich set of telent are best for each fight, if you don't know how to use perfectly Rune of Power you will loose a lot of dps compared to MI even in multi, for myself I hate RoP.


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