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What's the deal with Mind Sear being a passive AoE these days? It's making running old dungeons a nightmare, not to mention pulling mobs I don't want to in open world Legion zones! Shadow Priest used to be fun, but it's fast becoming the class I don't want to play anymore, which is a shame because I fell in love with it towards the end of BC & much so during WotLK expansion.

How do other Shadow Priests feel about this 'passive'? Even being able to use Holy Nova would be better than this.

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I have to say I was not very keen on this when I heard it. but in practice I feel it makes for very fun gameplay. It makes it easy to do a good aoe rotation without me constantly thinking "are there still enough enemies to justify mind sear?".

in mythic+ it could pose a problem but generally the packs are far enough apart anyways.

Open world is a bit more annoying but even there you should be able to disperse yourself out of a bad situation when needed. also, gear will help. I'm running in 887 now and I can easily just keep dotting mobs 1 by 1 and they will die before they would ever reach me.

I like the way it works in general though.

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