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Yo!  ...Who starts with a "yo" anymore?  S'not right.  Okay.  Here's one no one ever uses:  Good tidings to all!

I'm WhiskyGeorge, though I usually just go by Iggy.  So for this place...I combined the two!  Like an internet username megazord.  I've been a long-time Hearthstone player (since closed beta), and off-and-on casual WoW player.  As such, I've also been a longtime member of Hearthpwn though I've grown kind of disillusioned with it.  It was fun back in the beta days, but now it's full of whiny, toxic petulant kids and it...well, the gamers are making me hate the game.  :<  So I asked around for any friendlier communities, and out of the bunches I got recommended, I decided to join this one!

Normally I just engage in some friendly banter and occasional bullshitting, but now and again I would share my own Hearthstone creations which...people surprisingly liked!  But again, that community got a little too much gulag in it for me nowadays so I'm looking forward to a nice change.

As we're all Blizzbots, it wouldn't seem right to join in here without sharing my battle tag, so here it is:  WhiskyGeorge#1504  Feel free to add me for whatever, just be nice!  

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