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Could someone tell me if i am playing the Havoc wrong?


https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gLX1AycZMt6TYH3q#fight=21 Logs Nr.1

https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/tfD6pcvbCwNxYXyW Logs Nr.2 Week after.

Using Legendarys:

-Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish 

Delusions of Grandeur



Other Legendarys:

Loramus Thalipedes' Sacrifice

Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers


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Don't know if it's any help as i'm quite new to reading this sort of stuff, But it seems your nemesis uptime is quite low? not sure if you're using it in sync with chaos blades or just wasting it but i can't see it up that often?

Also make sure you're not using eyebeam in meta as it's a waste of damage. Also you could be capping out on pain a lot and wasting fel rush charges, if you're above 80 do not use felrush and make sure to burn your pain then use it, you should never be using it when capped or above 80 as you're just losing damage.

As said though I am relatively new to this but hope it helps :)

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Just like Neruza, I am new to forum helping as well.

Reviewing your Heroic Krosus Kill: I see your resource meter in your logs and it tells me you're capping fury way too much and therefore are losing out on dps because of it. You meta'd twice in the fight so that's not the issue. You aren't pre-potting the pulls nor are potting during your 2nd meta which is a HUGE dps loss. Reminder I'm just looking at your Krosus kill in your first link. You didn't use Chaos blades during your 2nd meta and could  have waited the extra 20 secs to line them up. If you can line up meta+chaos blades+nem you should always wait a few extra secs to do so. You still would have gotten off your 3rd chaos blades at the end of the fight. Hope that helped ^_^

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