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5.4 BS and opinion

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Finally, We have got an up on Bladestorm Cd (60s Amen ! I will visit church this Sunday)


I would like to have your opinion considering, SMF, TG and Arms


More Efficient shoud be in that order ?


TG > SMF > Arms


Considering we have 180 % for arms, and 120 % for TG or SMF.


180 % for arms but only one weapon

120 % for fury but 2 weapons (half damage on the off hand weapon)


I will probably have dual spec for 5.4


Fury and Arms.


Arms to use under fight with a lot of  2 targets. (Protector for example)

Fury SMF/TG for multiple target (Norushen for example)


I would like to have your opinion on that




7321 DPS Weapon


Arms: 180 % => 13177,8 DPS

Fury 120% => 8785,2 DPS (Main Hand) + 7467,42 (Off Hand) = 16252 DPS


I have taken 15 % less damage on OH weapon considering it is what my log give to me.

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I'd have to look at the changes with the Deep Wounds buff, but I think Arms is ahead of Fury in any type of multi-target fight. I might be wrong though haven't really checked the math in a while.


Still, to be optimal you'll definitely have to go Fury for single target fights and Arms for at least cleave and possibly AoE fights too.


If I'm not mistaken and Arms is ahead of Fury on AoE there will be little reason to go TG next tier.




I don't think you've included Seasoned soldier's 25% physical damage buff in your dmg calculation for Bladestorm. Doing so puts arms at 16472.25 which is pretty close to Fury.

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