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Help me improve [Resto Druid]

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Hello! I'm a resto druid main at 898 and 35 traits (Took a break after EN) I know that if i had more traits it would Of course improve my output but i'm certain that i can do more than what i currently am without those traits.  I'm always looking to improve to one day be able to join a high end guild and thats why i would like someone to check my logs and point out what i can do better to increase my output.



These are the most recent logs the second log i did not have the legendary bracers as i have now to point that out. Im certain that i can do more than what i currently am doing. I have problems with mana management and i'm working on it but any tips would be helpfull. I'm pretty sure i might not be using cd's efficently aswell but as i said all help is appreciated.

My armory:  http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Ortenblatte/advanced


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Hello, I also have a resto druid. Clipped-Twisting Nether. I have been running a Moment of Clarity spec because I think has significantly helped with my mana consumption. I would definitely recommend going with the Germination talent at least specifically because you have the 4-piece bonus and the legendary ring. But, when my moment of clarity procs, I dump 3 Regrowths on someone that needs healing or a tank by default, just to plant living seed. I dump them  right away because keeping Lifebloom up about 100% of the time can result in chain Moment of Clarity procs, i.e. lots of free regrowths. This allows me to free cast Rejuvs on the raid w/ the 4pc bonus and my ring giving my the Germinations.

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