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Heroic Brawl (next week)

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Next week, another Heroic Brawl will take place.

Rewards are the same as last year:


(Sorry, german, but it is easy enough to understand I hope, here a short translation:

Wins - Packs - Dust - Gold - golden Legendaries)


Break even is around 5 / 6 wins, which is quite a lot.

And only if you still value the MSoG packs with 100 gold.

Rewards for l0 wins+ are awesome, especiall for 12 wins of course.


Will you take part? Which deck will you choose?

Personally I won't risk 1000 gold. (I have just 1800, and next expansion coming soon)

Chances are quite good I won't get more then 6 wins and since I have all normal / rare cards from MSoG I need these packs aren't that great for me.

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1 hour ago, WedgeAntilles said:

Will you take part?

Nope. Not interested the first time, even less interested now. Blizzard's goldsinks conveniently short before a new expansion hits are so obvious it's not even funny.

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I skipped the last one as the cost to rewards comparison didn't make much sense.  I'm not going to win enough matches to get the best loot unless I get crazy lucky.  So I'll save my gold and just do the normal brawls each week for the free Classic pack.

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I may want to try this just as a challenge, I don't enough gold anyways, but I will probably buy a ticket.

If I try this, it is gonna be with miracle rogue, jade druid or mid shaman. 

And then, I'll go up against 3 pirate warriors in a row and win nothing.

Money well spent!

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