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Team Comp Section?

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New to the OW section, not to icy veins, and I am wondering why there is no section on current viable team comps as well as comps that were previously viable.  Considering that team composition is the most important aspect of play.  I read the small section giving general guidelines but I am interested in detailed guides explaining the synergies and gameplay of particular comps.  For example, keeping info on the "protect the president" bastion comp(sure you cant pick the same hero twice now but maybe other heroes will come out that make this revisiting in the future),  the blizzcon world final comps featuring ana, lucio, and zarya, the "bey blade comp" of ana, lucio, and reaper.

Where the hero guides are useful for this to an extent, they dont really cover the synergies that can develop between 3-4 hero combinations nor explain the changes to their gameplay in such a comp nor does the general team comp snippit explain why 2-2-2 and 3-2-1 are the usual round-starting comps.

With the new tank hero, Orisa, coming out.  I came here first to find ideas on how to comp her and am shocked to find such a section lacking.

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More than a year and Comp Section has not yet been created?
There is enough content to create that section. There are several comp, more or less fixed. Sufficient knowledge and strategies on each and every map.
I'm sorry for commenting on a topic with more than a year, but some of us are still here to search for comps with their strategies and explanations, their strengths and weaknesses, what and where they are used... .
I hope you get this up to date because many other pages already have that information, but very dispersed and not with the quality with which Icy Veins usually delight us.
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As of now, the priority is to get Hero guides up to date before we start adding guides like the team composition one. Since there is so much work to be done (sadly), I don't reckon we can expect those any time soon.

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