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Blizzard outlines changes coming in the latest 7.2 PTR Build.

A new 7.2 Build is on the way with changes to

  • Nethershards acquisition / item cost
  • Removal of secondary traits from Relics posted here
  • Stress testing of new server technology was rescheduled.
  • Tweaks to Artifact traits and Legendary items
  • Play with the Blues continues with Arena Skirmishes on Thursday.

Stay tuned for more details!

Blizzard LogoLore (Source)

UPDATE: Tonight's stress test is being rescheduled to a later date. We'll share additional details once we have the new date and time finalized.

This week’s update contains more tuning and tweaks for several of the new features and content pieces in 7.2.

We’ve taken an initial pass at setting the rate of income for Nethershards, as well as the cost of items they can be used to purchase. While we’re planning to do some additional tuning next week once we’ve got a better handle on how it’s playing out, these numbers should be much more in-line with where we want things to be.

There are several tweaks to Artifact Traits, and a few adjustments to a couple Legendaries as part of our overall goal to bring them more in line with each other in value. We’ve also removed the mechanic that allowed Relics to have a second, randomized Artifact Trait bonus; we’ve shared more info on that change here.

We’re also planning to do another focused test on our new server technology this week. Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 8) at 3 PM Pacific we’ll be spawning in Withered J’im in Aszuna and asking as many players as possible to go fight him. We need to put as much strain on our servers as possible, so if you have the time, please join us! We'll have a blog post later today with more details.

This week will have another Play with the Blues event, this time focused around Arena Skirmishes. On Thursday, from 3 PM to 5 PM Pacific time, we’ll be on the PTR queuing for Skirmishes. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the Arena, and getting your feedback on how they’re playing.

Thanks again, and happy testing!

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      A new 8.1 build has just hit PTR servers. Check out what's new!
      The Season 2 Mythic Keystone Affix is called Reaping. Mounts from Darkshore Warfront rares have been added. A new saber mount model has been added. The build comes with a bunch of new Azerite traits. Recruit-a-Friend summon cooldown has been reduced to 30 minutes. Check out our Tides of Vengeance hub for the latest Patch 8.1 information!
      Adventure Journal
      Battle of Dazar'alor,The Alliance brings the war into the heart of the Zandalari Empire and the Horde must do all in it's power to stop the attack.,Find Group Siege of Dazar'alor,The Alliance brings the war into the heart of the Zandalari Empire and the Horde must do all in it's power to stop the attack.,Join Raid Empire's Fall,The Alliance brings the war into the heart of the Zandalari Empire and the Horde must do all in it's power to stop the attack.,Join Raid Might of the Alliance,The Alliance brings the war into the heart of the Zandalari Empire and the Horde must do all in it's power to stop the attack.,Join Raid Defense of Dazar'alor,The Alliance brings the war into the heart of the Zandalari Empire and the Horde must do all in it's power to stop the attack.,Join Raid Death's Bargain,The Alliance brings the war into the heart of the Zandalari Empire and the Horde must do all in it's power to stop the attack.,Join Raid Victory or Death,The Alliance brings the war into the heart of the Zandalari Empire and the Horde must do all in it's power to stop the attack.,Join Raid Achievements
      Defeat the following bosses in the Battle of Dazar'alor.,Siege of Dazar'alor Defeat the following bosses in the Battle of Dazar'alor.,Empire's Fall Witness the retelling of your allies' valiant efforts in the Battle of Dazar'alor.,Might of the Alliance Defeat the following bosses in the Battle of Dazar'alor.,Defense of Dazar'alor Witness the retelling of your allies' heroic efforts in the Battle of Dazar'alor.,Death's Bargain Defeat the following bosses in the Battle of Dazar'alor.,Victory or Death Defeat the Champion of the Light in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Champion of the Light Defeat Grong in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Grong Complete the following achievements on the continent of Zandalar.,Loremaster of Zandalar "Defeat Mestrah, the illuminated and Manceroy Flamefist in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.",Mythic: Flamefist and the Illuminated Complete the Battle for Darkshore.,War for the Shore Complete the Battle for Darkshore.,War for the Shore Defeat Ma'ra Grimfang and Anathos Firecaller in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Grimfang and Firecaller Defeat Treasure Guardian in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Treasure Guardian Defeat Conclave of the Chosen in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Conclave of the Chosen Capture a location in the Battle for Darkshore.,Under Cover of Darkness Capture a location in the Battle for Darkshore.,Under Cover of Darkness Capture every location in the Battle for Darkshore.,Night Moves Capture every location in the Battle for Darkshore.,Night Moves Recruit one of every troop type in the Battle for Darkshore.,Recruitment Officer Recruit one of every troop type in the Battle for Darkshore.,Recruitment Officer Embody every Horde Hero in the Battle for Darkshore.,Deforester Embody every Alliance Hero in the Battle for Darkshore.,By Nature's Call Defeat King Rastakhan in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: King Rastakhan Defeat Gelbin Mekkatorque in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Mekkatorque Defeat Stormwall Blockade in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Stormwall Blockade Defeat Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Battle of Dazar'alor on Mythic difficulty.,Mythic: Lady Jaina Proudmoore Complete the Battle of Dazar'alor raid achievements listed below.,Glory of the Battle of Dazar'alor Raider "Defeat the Champion of the Light after stealing 3 shinies from each of the Crusaders, Disciples and Champion of the Light on Normal Difficulty or higher.",Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah? Azerite Powers
      Death Knight
      Cold Hearted Icebound Fortitude heals for 319 every sec and its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds. Magus of the Dead Apocalypse and Army of the Damned additionally summon a Magus of the Dead who hurls Frostbolts and Shadowbolts at your foes, dealing 156 each. Hunter
      Nature's Salve Exhilaration heals you for an additional 1,924 health, and the cooldown is reduced by 15.0 sec. Primeval Intuition Normal Your maximum Focus is increased to 120, and Raptor Strike increases your Critical Strike by 25 for 12 sec, stacking up to 10 times. Mongoose Bite Your maximum Focus is increased to 120, and Mongoose Bite increases your Critical Strike by 25 for 12 sec, stacking up to 10 times. Mage
      Flash Freeze Each of your Icicles deals 55 additional damage, and when an Icicle deals damage you have a 5% chance to gain the Fingers of Frost effect. Quick Casting Your instant cast damaging spells heal you for 131. Monk
      Glory of the Dawn Rising Sun Kick has a chance to trigger a second time, dealing 638 Physical damage and restoring 1 Chi. Priest
      Thought Harvester Vampiric Touch damage is increased by 21, and each time Vampiric Touch deals damage you have a chance to increase the damage of your next Mind Sear within 20 sec by 300%. Rogue
      Lying In Wait While no enemy is within 12 yds, heal for 689 every sec. While any enemy is within 12 yds, gain 173 Speed. Warrior
      Cold Steel, Hot Blood Bloodthirst critical strikes generate 4 additional Rage, and inflict a Gushing Wound that leeches 14,976 health over 6 sec. Intimidating Presence Intimidating Shout reduces the movement speed of affected enemies by 50%, and prevents the next 1,356 damage they deal after Intimidating Shout ends. Striking the Anvil The Tactician effect improves your next Overpower, causing it to deal 964 additional damage and reduce the remaining cooldown of Mortal Strike by 1.5 sec. Unbridled Ferocity Rampage deals an additional 80 damage and has a 8% chance to grant you Recklessness for 4 sec. Misc
      Fight or Flight
      When you damage an enemy who is below 35% health, or fall below 35% health yourself, gain 370 primary stat and 10% movement speed for 8 sec. Can only occur once every 30 sec. Superior Stratagem
      Taking damage increases your Stamina by 47 and your Versatility by 16 for 4 sec, stacking up to 10 times. Broadcast Text
      "Behold Saraka, Destroyer of Worlds! Brought to heel after millennia of wanton destruction." "The draenei sought to devise a ritual that could turn the naaru back to the Light. To aid their quest, I called together many priesthoods to work in unison." "Like I said, the critters in this land are vicious.  Good fight either way." Creature Models
      Saber Mount

      Global Strings
      SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_380,The ballista cannot be used while on fire.,1 TOTAL_STACKS,%d Total TRANSMOG_SET_PARTIALLY_KNOWN_CLASS,Contains %d uncollected |4appearance:appearances;. TRANSMOG_SET_PARTIALLY_KNOWN_MIX,Contains %1$d uncollected |4appearance:appearances; for your class and %2$d uncollected |4appearance:appearances; for other classes. BONUS_ROLL_REWARD_COIN,Coin BFA_SEASON_NUMBER,Battle for Azeroth Season %d BFA_PVP_SEASON_DESCRIPTION_TWO,Higher item level rewards from Conquest NEW_SEASON_YAY,NEW SEASON! PVP_GEAR_REWARD_CHANCE,Chance to receive item level %d gear. PVP_GEAR_REWARD_CHANCE_LONG,Winning gives you a chance to receive item level %d gear. ERR_REFER_A_FRIEND_SUMMON_COOLDOWN,You can only summon your friend once every thirty minutes. Keystone Affixes
      Reaping (Season 2 Mythic Keystone Affix) Mounts
      Reins of the Onyx War Hyena,|cFFFFD200PvP:|r Rated Arena or Rated Battleground Victory,PH,925,230,0,0,237288,0,0,4 Green Marsh Hopper,,PH,1012,230,0,-1,259740,0,0,4 Blackpaw,|cFFFFD200Drop:|r Blackpaw|n|cFFFFD200Zone:|r Darkshore|n,"Blackpaw was just hibernating, minding his own business, and then suddenly there was a warfront.",1199,230,0,0,288438,0,0,45 Ashenvale Chimaera,|cFFFFD200Drop:|r Alash'anir|n|cFFFFD200Zone:|r Darkshore|n,"Ashenvale chimaeras were used freqently by the Kaldorei to decimate structures in battles against the humans, orcs, and undead.",1200,248,128,0,288495,0,0,4 Frightened Kodo,|cFFFFD200Drop:|r Frightened Kodo|n|cFFFFD200Zone:|r Darkshore|n,Nothing frightens a kodo like seeing a bear with antlers.,1201,230,0,0,288499,0,0,4 Umber Nightsaber,|cFFFFD200Drop: |rMoxo the Beheader|n|cFFFFD200Zone: |rDarkshore|n,"Nightsabers are an integral part of the Kaldorei's army, serving as both mount and assault weapon in one.",1203,230,0,0,288503,0,0,4 Sandy Nightsaber,|cFFFFD200Drop: |rAthil Dewfire |n|cFFFFD200Zone: |rDarkshore|n,"A rare color for a nightsaber, and rarely seen, they are prized amongst huntresses.",1204,230,0,0,288506,0,0,4 Kaldorei Nightsaber,|cFFFFD200Drop: |rShadowclaw|n|cFFFFD200Zone: |rDarkshore|n,The connection between a nightsaber and its hunter or huntress is nearly inseparable.,1205,230,0,0,288505,0,0,4 Blue Marsh Hopper,,PH,1206,230,0,-1,288587,0,0,4 Yellow Marsh Hopper,,PH,1207,230,0,-1,288589,0,0,4 Scenario Steps
      Prepare yourself for battle.,Battle Preparations Defeat the Alliance's forward commander in the Ruins of Auberdine.,Advance the Front Free the apothecary.,Necessity Frees Invention Fight beside your commander to clear a path to Bashal'Aran.,Charge Onward Defeat Archdruid Andrenius at Bashal'Aran.,Crush the Resistance Expand your base at Bashal'Aran,Enhance Our Operations Remove the remaining Alliance threat at Lor'danel Landing,The Northern Shore World Safe Locs
      8.1 Incursions - Stormsong - A - Vehicle Romp - DC Safe Loc - GJC 8.1 Northrend - Icecrown Citadel GY (Vol'jin Questline) 8.1 Incursions - Nazmir - Alliance Finale - Finale Safe Loc - AJB Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Statues -> Horde Hub) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Horde Hub -> Throne ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Zanchul -> Statues ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( River -> Terrace of the Chosen ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Zocalo -> Zanchul ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Crafter's Terrace -> Hub ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Terrace -> Sliver ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Sliver -> Terrace of the Chosen ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Terrace -> Zanchul ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Old Seawall -> Grand Bazaar ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Zanchul -> Terrace ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Crafter's Terrace -> Grand Bazaar ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Grand Bazaar -> Crafter's Terrace ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Zanchul -> Zocalo ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Dazar'alor -> Warbeast Kraal ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Tal'gurub -> Dazar'alor ) Dazar'alor - Totem of Pa'ku ( Zanchul -> House of Pa'ku ) 8.1 War Campaign - Tol Dagor Scenario - GY1 (msc) 8.1 War Campaign - Tol Dagor Scenario - GY2 (msc) 8.1 War Campaign - Tol Dagor Scenario - GY3 (msc) 8.1 Incursions - Drustvar - H WQ05 - Doomsoul Exit (JDA) 8.1 War Campaign - A - CH1 - Flight out - KRB
    • By Stan
      Naowhxd and his group managed to clear Atal'Dazar +19 in time with just 36 seconds remaining on the timer. Congrats to their world first!
      Mythic Keystone Run Details (29:24/30:00)
      The world first clear was completed two days ago with 36 seconds remaining on the timer. The Mythic group seems to have cleared Atal'Dazar again in 26 mins 40 seconds just a day after the world first, improving their run by almost 3 minutes. They've had two attempts at a +20 clear so far (Siege & Atal'Dazar), but failed to reach the timer both times. You can find more details about the run here.
      Team Composition
      Naowhxd (Havoc Demon Hunter) Lepan (Blood Death Knight) Gotyo (Mistweaver Monk) Speedoflife (Subtlety Rogue) Gingì (Beast Mastery Hunter) Affixes
      Teeming Volcanic Tyrannical Infested VoD
    • By Stan
      Mists of Pandaria Timewalking offers a relatively easy way to get yourself a water strider mount.
      It's Mists of Pandaria Timewalking week and Mistweaver Xia (Timewalking Vendor) located on Timeless Isle (43, 56) sells Commendation of The Anglers for 50 Timewarped Badges each that increase your reputation with The Anglers by 300. According to redditor MCPanda6969, you'll need under 4,000 Timewarped Badges to reach Exalted.
      It's important to visit Nat Pagle (68, 43) in Krasarang Wilds at Revered with the faction to purchase Grand Commendation of the Anglers that increases reputation gains with the faction by 100%. Then, continue using Commendation of The Anglers until you reach Exalted.
      Reins of the Azure Water Strider can be purchased from Nat Pagle for 5,000 gold. The mount is really valuable, because it has water walking and with flying not enabled in Battle for Azeroth yet, it makes moving around a lot easier.

      Purchase Commendation of The Anglers from Mistweaver Xia and use them until you reach Revered with The Anglers. Find Nat Pangle in Krasarang Wilds and buy Grand Commendation of the Anglers to increase your rep gains by 100%. Use Commendation of The Anglers until you reach Exalted with the faction. Purchase Reins of the Azure Water Strider for 5,000 Gold. (Source)
    • By Stan
      Varok Saurfang's story continues in Patch 8.1. Check out what awaits the High Overlord in Tides of Vengeance! This article contains spoilers.
      Blizzard released a cinematic titled "Old Soldier", where the High Overlord reacts to the Burning of Teldrassil. He's not content with Sylvanas' decisions and does not like where the Horde is heading.
      Saurfang becomes fed up with the events of the Battle for Lordaeron and is taken to the Stockades by Anduin. Later in the Stormwind Extraction Scenario, you find him locked up in a cell, but he does not want to return to Orgrimmar.
      If you missed our first installment of Saurfang's story in Battle for Azeroth, you can check it out here.
      Saurfang's Story in Patch 8.1
      Blizzard added a new NPC called Varok Saurfang in Tides of Vengeance and the Orc received a new skin as well. He's no longer referred to as "High Overlord" and does not wear his usual armor.

      Saurfang escaped the Stockades and Horde players are sent to investigate what happened to him. Sylvanas does not want him to fall into the hands of the Alliance and demands you to take him back to Orgrimmar. Our favorite Zappyboi makes an appearance at the end of the questline, joining him in battle.
      Varok Saurfang Questline in Patch 8.1
      The 8.1 questline starts with Dark Ranger Alina and "The Dark Lady Calls" quest aboard the Bahsee Wall and Sylvanas requests your audience in Orgrimmar.
      The Dark Lady Calls
      Champion, the Dark Lady has need of you. We cannot speak more of this here. Make haste to Orgrimmar at once. Best not to keep her waiting.
      An Abomination Guard is guarding the door in Grommash Hold to ensure that your meeting with Sylvanas stays private.
      The High Overlord
      I have asked you here to discuss a matter of great improtance to the Horde. Varok Saurfang is no longer present in Stormwind. Let us discuss this turn of events.
      Sylvanas wants you to locate Saurfang, because the Alliance would surely kill him on sight. Some members of the Horde question his loyalty and consider him a traitor for his willing surrender at the Battle for Lordaeron.
      A Way Out
      My spies report that our High Overlord did not leave the way he entered, not any other way we know of. No signs were seen at any of the known exits to the Stockades or sewers. He simply was in his cell one moment, and not the next. Begin your investigation around the city of Stormwind. There must be another way out that we do not know of. Dark Ranger Lyana will meet you there, her tracking skills are second to none. Do not fail me, my champion.
      Now, you must reach Elwynn Forest to continue the questline. The easiest way was to teleport to Dalaran, use the portal to Karazhan and fly there.
      On Track
      Keep your head down, we don't want to be seen out here. Our spies keep watching over Stormwind day and night, and saw no signs of Saurfang. Not did we notice any oddly-oversized carts or strange ships in the night, if that was what you were thinking. How then, did he make his escape? Let's look around.
      You're going to find a sewer exit outside the city.
      Clicking the Old Lock will make the following text appear:
      Now that you've found Saurfang's escape route, the search continues...
      You will be attacked by SI:7 Agents and the quest is complete when you defeat all three.
      You need to keep moving, because SI:7 Agents are probably looking for Saurfang as well.
      Eastern Escape
      It's not unusual to see SI:7 spies lurking around the city, but still, something about this doesn't feel right. We need to find where Saurfang's trail picks up. The last tracks were heading east, towards Redridge. At the entrance to Redridge is Three Corners, one of the more well-defended towers the Alliance has. I have an idea, meet me there.
      The search for Saurfang continues in Redridge Mountains.
      Corner Crossing
      If Saurfang was headed in this direction, it would have been difficult for him to avoid the Three Corners watchpost. We could simply walk in there and demand information, but I have a feeling that they would not part with it willingly. So we will take another approach. I have procured this potion from our alchemists. It will turn us into--ugh-- humans for a while. We can then question the guards, perhaps someone saw something.
      Use the Humanizing Potion to turn yourself into a Human for 10 minutes and ask guards for information. After you taken on the appearance of a Human, Lyana tells you:
      You're going to approach guards and tell them you've lost a puppy. Dark Ranger Lyana goes by the name "Marion Sutton" when transformed.
      The guards were super drunk last night and they do not recall anything. It must have been fairly easy for Saurfang to pass by the Three Corner watchpost unnoticed. Now you question Darcy Parker about what happened last night.
      The search continues in Lakeshire at Inkeeper Brianna. She informs you that guards are staying upstairs at the Lakeshire Inn. After searching the room for clues, you find an Official-Looking Note from Shaw:
      Signs of Saurfang
      With the guards drunk at their posts, Saurfang would have had little trouble passing Three Corners undetected. The path splits up ahead. The back roads of Redridge are poorly-patrolled and infested with gnolls and spiders. In other words, a perfect path for an orc trying to not to be noticed. His most likely path is Lakeridge Highway, we should continue our investigation there.
      You'll find ripped webbing, ichor, and plenty of killed spiders in Lakeridge Highway.
      Defeat the Injured Bristlequeen to complete the quest.
      Ever Eastward
      All signs point to our quarry heading farther east. To what end, Im an not sure, but I have my suspicions. I am going to scout the area from the air, let's meet up at Redridge Pass.
      Tracking Tipoff
      Look there, down the hill, one of the Alliance hunters that roams the area. No one knows these pathways like them. If our quarry passed through this area, they would certainly have seen the tracks. Their dogs may even have noticed. Here is another dose of the potion. Let us question this one while he is alone.
      It's time to drink  Humanizing Potion again and question Hunter McAlister who is later killed, because his dogs notice you're not actual humans.
      Killing Hunter McAlister and his dogs makes Zappyboi appear! Zekhan offers the next quest while Lyana informs you she must return to the Warchief.
      Zekhan tells you that Saurfang's hiding at a nearby farm.
      Grim Tidings
      Ey mon, dat dark ranger, she lied to ya'! Saurfang knew they'd be comin' for him. He sent me to watch the pass, see who his assassins were, try to warn him if I could. She's not reportin' back nothin', she's goin' to kill him. Probably got a whole group of deathguards just waiting for her to give the signal. We gotta stop dem! You with me?
      Dark Ranger Lyana lied to you and she wants to kill him. Better hurry and inform Saurfang who's located in the Swamp of Sorrows.
      A Warrior's Death
      She gonna try an' take him in, and then no one ever gonna see Varok Saurfang again. Dis was never a rescue mission, dis was about power, an' control, an' Sylvanas think she be holdin' all the cards. But she didn't count on us! Let's go.
      Turns out Sylvanas actually tricked you and wants Saurfang dead.
      Completing the quest rewards a fun cloak toy - Worn Cloak. A scripted event will begin as soon as you accept the quest and you must defend Saurfang.
      Dark Ranger Lyana and her crew die, but now you must come up with something to fool Sylvanas.
      Queen's Favor
      I have two things to ask of you, and I do not ask them lightly. First, I need you to retain the favor of the warchief. She will undoubtedly have questions, and seeds of distrust may begin to grow, but she cannot lose you as an ally, not now. She would not so willingly part with one of her greatest champions. In order to do so, it will have to look like you faced me in combat, and lost. I trust you can take a hit. Second, I ask you not to follow me further. I must make this journey alone.
      Talk to Saurfang and tell him to punch you. The screen turns black for a second and you will be afflicted with the "Convincing Blow" debuff for 10 minutes.
      Finally, go to Orgrimmar and talk to Sylvanas in Grommash Hold to complete the Queen's Favor quest that rewards Artifact Power.
      The story ends here. Sylvanas doesn't know you defeated the dark ranger and her forces along with Saurfang and Zekhan. Let's see what the future holds for Varok. Let us know what you think about his story so far and Sylvanas wanting him dead.
      Characters Involved in the Questline
      Dark Ranger Lyana
      Veteran Dark Ranger appointed by Sylvanas to help you track down Saurfang. In the beginning, it all looks like a rescue mission, but further down the questline you learn that she was deceiving you all along. She's later killed by the player, Saurfang, and Zekhan.
      Varok Saurfang
      Saurfang escaped the Stockades and you find him hiding at a farm in the swamps with simple armor and without the "High Overlord" title, indicating his discontent with Sylvanas' Horde. He probably works with Matthias Shaw who gave guards booze allowing Saurfang to pass by the watchpost unnoticed. You confront Dark Ranger Lyana and her forces as you uncover her vile intentions and learn that the rescue mission was actually a lie and Sylvanas wants him dead. He doesn't want you or Zekhan to follow him, because he clearly states that he must travel the path alone. The character of Saurfang remains the embodiment of the Horde's long-lost honor.
      Zappyboi makes an appearance during the questline and fights alongside Saurfang. Blizzard did a really great job at portraying him loyal to Varok at times of need as we saw in the Old Soldier cinematic.
      Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
      Another lie has been told by the Warchief. First, she makes you believe it's of utmost importance to track down Saurfang, who recently escaped the Stockades, so that the Alliance does not kill him. Later, she accuses Varok of treason against the Horde and wants him dead. After you kill Lyana and her forces, you fool her into believing that Saurfang did all that. Blizzard confirmed in an interview that Sylvanas will not be Garrosh 2.0 in Battle for Azeroth.
      Gameplay Video
      Saurfang-Sylvanas relations hit an all-time low in Tides of Vegeance.
    • By Stan
      The Orc running animation has been updated on 8.1 PTR and here's a side by side preview of the new animation.
      Grandfa made a post about the new Orc animation on the official forums and also posted a short clip comparing both live and 8.1 versions of the running animation. Do you prefer the old or new one?
      Check out our Tides of Vengeance hub for the latest Patch 8.1 information!