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Druid Mount Travel Form Updates

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Updates on how exactly the new Druid flight form will work, how it will apply to alts, how bonus movement speed will affect it and more.

Earlier today we got word that the Archdruid's Lunarwing FormArchdruid's Lunarwing Form travel form was going to be removed from the mount journal on the 7.2 PTR, but still available as a look you could change at an NPC in your class hall. Soon after that there were more blue posts going into detail on the new look, including an explanation in how it will function in the next build, including alt application, bonus movement speed etc, which will presumably be much closer to its final state when 7.2 is released. You can also check out what the mount and its skins look like in our preview video      under the blue posts.

Blizzard LogoMuffinus/Celestalon (source)

Good news! The Archdruid's Lunarwing Form operates like a shapeshift in terms of benefits (instant cast, immune to polymorph, etc.) but also counts as an additional mount in your mount journal.

As for the second question, the movement speed bonus from Broken Isles Pathfinder I does not apply to flying speed, but druid Travel Form does benefit from the ground movement speed bonus in 7.2 (and this should be active on PTR)!


You can, indeed, carry others on your back in this form. Enjoy! :)


Quick heads up about a change you'll be seeing in the next build.

We've found a few issues, and we're going to need to temporarily remove the Archdruid's Lunarwing Form from the mount journal. The option to change the look of your flight form will be available as an NPC in your class hall, operating similarly to the Glyph of the Sentinel.

We're working on getting a solution to you as soon as we can, apologies and thanks!

Also, since we're here, if you prefer it this way, please let us know.


Note that today's build was made while we were in the middle of making these changes, so it's in somewhat of an incomplete state. In the next build, here's how it'll function:

- Completing the questline unlocks the form for all Druids on your account, but only enables it for that character.
- Once unlocked, you can enable/disable it at will by talking to an NPC that's in the Dreamgrove (if you've completed the questline) and in Moonglade (always, for the alts).
- When enabled, Travel Form will use the form of a Lunarwing Owl instead of a Storm Crow, and it will be rideable by party members. You won't need any additional keybindings or macros.
- Glyph of the Sentinel takes priority over Lunarwing Form being enabled. If you have that glyph applied, you'll appear as a Sentinel.

Hope that helps clarify what to expect!


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