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Your opinions on destruction's state of balance.

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If they don't adjust some more numbers then destro will have become a vanity spec. Just play with your tool kit and shout "flame on"

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Blizz seems to have a prob with Destro being fun and competitive at the same time. Every time it gets a couple of weeks or months of being so, they pound it back into the ground. The fun about Destro is blowing shit up, not turreting long cast-time spells that aren't dangerous enough to worry about, or having a perfect, unforgiving rotation for 10 min. straight (like in Cata) or your dps tanks.


Gahhda, your posts on the Blizz forum are exactly correct.


We should be mobile purveyors of utility, intimidation, and DESTRUCTION. If Blizz can't handle the spec doing what it was intended to do, they should wipe it and start over with a totally different spec. Otherwise there is no point to Destro existing.


What gets me is all of this spin that Blizz constantly puts out, as if they "need" loads of player PTR raid logs to know what they've done to the spec. They know exactly what they're doing, because they've always done this to disguise their intentional FotM'ing. It's pretty obvious by now isn't it? It keeps people hoping their spec will get fixed, meanwhile they keep subbing and FotM'ing. Cha-ching.


If the RoF, CB, and KJC nerfs stay as proposed w/o a significant compensation, I'll park my warlock in Forlorn Cavern-IF and be out for good. I've had enough of being jerked around by Blizz greed-meisters.

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