Tomb of Sargeras - Goroth Boss Preview

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A look at Goroth, the first boss in the Tomb of Sargeras raid.

Tomb of Sargeras has a total of 10 bosses. We're looking at the first one.

For more details, feel free to pay our Goroth Strategy Guide a visit.

TL;DR Boss Guide

  • Throughout the encounter, Infernal SpikeInfernal Spikes will errupt from the ground, indicated by a crackling ground animation. Standing in the area causes damage, so don't stand in it. They are needed to mitigate damage from Infernal BurningInfernal Burning and Shattering StarShattering Star.
    • Infernal BurningInfernal Burning - when he casts it, you need to hide behind spikes, otherwise, you're dead.
    • Shattering StarShattering Star (indicated by a yellow arrow beneath Goroth) must be aligned to land on spikes.
    • If you have Crashing CometCrashing Comet on you, run away from the group, but don't get too close to spikes as this will destroy them and it might happen you will have no spikes to hide behind during Infernal BurningInfernal Burning.
    • Tanks beware of destroying Infernal SpikeInfernal Spikes with Burning ArmorBurning Armor.


As punishment for past failures, Goroth's flesh is marred with searing wounds. With every movement this behemoth makes, his flesh crackles and hisses with unending torment, a scourge he is happy to inflict upon those who oppose him.


Goroth continuously gains fel energy until he can unleash Infernal BurningInfernal Burning, decimating any enemy it hits. Use Infernal SpikeInfernal Spikes to survive Infernal BurningInfernal Burning and Shattering StarShattering Star.

A3YYU72.png In Mythic difficulty, Infernal SpikeInfernal Spikes explode when destroyed inflicting raid wide damage.

fHrA7Z2.png Damage Dealers

nACJhxi.png Healers

ej-tank.png Tanks


All Difficulties

  • ej-tank.png Burning ArmorBurning Armor -  Inflicts 1,100,000 Fire damage every 2 sec for 6 sec. Upon expiring, Burning Armor explodes for 1,075,000 Fire damage and applies Melted Armor to all enemies in a 10 yd radius.
  • Crashing CometCrashing Comet - Goroth targets up to 3 enemies with Crashing Comet, inflicting 928,500 Fire damage to all enemies within 10 yds. This explosion destroys pillars.
  • Infernal SpikeInfernal Spike - Infernal Spikes erupt from the ground, inflicting 1,028,500 Fire damage to anyone in the area.
    • A3YYU72.png In Mythic difficulty, when an Infernal SpikeInfernal Spike is destroyed, it explodes for 300,000 Fire damage.
  • Shattering StarShattering Star - Goroth selects a target and then hurls a Shattering Star at them after 6 sec, inflicting 1,790,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 200 yards. This damage is decreased by every Infernal Spike the Shattering Star collides with. Any other targets struck by the Shattering Star while it is traveling to its target take 537,500 Fire damage. 
  • yXEHE6D.png Infernal BurningInfernal Burning - Goroth ignites everyone he can see, inflicting 2,645,000 Fire damage immediately and 1,060,000 Fire damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

Heroic Difficulty+

  • rJnHTBu.png Fel EruptionFel Eruption - Fel lava erupts from the edges of the room, leaving pools that inflict 321,000 Fire damage every 1 sec.

Mythic Difficulty

  • rJnHTBu.png Rain of BrimstoneRain of Brimstone - Goroth calls down 4 meteors, each inflicting 10,000,000 Fire damage divided evenly between each of the targets. A Brimstone Infernal will spawn if a meteor fails to hit any targets.
    • rJnHTBu.png Brimstone Infernal
      • rJnHTBu.png Fel FireFel Fire - Ignites the area surrounding the caster, inflicting 733,409 Fire damage to all nearby enemies every 1 sec. Lasts 8 sec.

Loot Tables

Goroth - Raid Finder Difficulty

Goroth - Normal Difficulty

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