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Help with my DPS

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hello everyone!


first of all i want to say sorry for the probably gramatical error i will do, but i try to explain myself as best as i can.


this is me: http://eu.battle.net/wow/es/character/zuljin/tisanet/advanced


i havent a great gear, but i back to play again a month ago.

my problem is that i dont know if my dps are right with my gear or if a do something wrong or ui must reforge and change all the gems ... whatever thing i can do to improve my dps. in raid hunter, druid balance, DK, Mage ... all are doing more dps than me (they are doing about 150K)


in this moments im trying Demon and i do about 100K in a single target. In the open about 200K.

With destruction i do less in bouth things (single and open).

Affli ... i love affli. this is my specc but i think that affli do less dps than demon.


i try to reforge all to haste, or all to mastery, or full int with mastery (actual) but i can do more dps than i said before.


i see many videos of peopling doing 500K in the open, or more than 200K on single boss ... and i dont know if is gear problem ... or that im not a good warlock.




demon: SB, HoG, Corr, grimorie, felstorm, HoG, Imp Swarm, Dark Soul, Meta, doom, doom, toc .... use soulf fire procc to generate fury.


affli: dark soul, haunt, soulburn+soul swap, malefic grasp/drain soul. try to reaply dots when trinkets procc.



o would like to continue playing with affli and demon. 

can any tell me how i can to do to improve my dps?

wich are the best gems and reforge? 9778 haste cap? ... 

how much dps i must do with my gear?


thanks for help!!!!



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Welcome to Icy-Veins.  You've listed your armory, but that doesn't help anyone figure out your DPS issues.  You need to present logs of fights to analyze. 


There are no rotations in WoW anymore.  Everyone has a priority spell/ability system where you use the best possible option with each global.  There are guides for Demonology and Affliction here, so take a look into those.  There are the guides on the actual website as well as the guides written by me in the forums.  Take a look there and see if those resolve any of the issues you're having.

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Get to the 8100 haste break-point if you are going to be playing Demo. Once you reach 8100 haste, put everything you can into mastery. Crit is very far behind in terms of stat reforging.

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tisanet, you want to read this post: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/207-how-to-ask-for-help-with-your-warlock/. People really can't help you unless you give them logs from a raid boss attempt; if you do that, they can look at them and give you very specific feedback on things you can do to improve your DPS. A static view of your gear just doesn't give the information necessary to truly figure out what's up with your performance.

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