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Optimize Balance Druid DPS

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I got 893 ilvl Balance druid with 54 traits and I know my output can be higher then it actually is at the moment, I'm trying several builds and rotations but nothing seems to work...


Can anyone help me in this?



These are from the last 7 bosses we killed on Normal Nighthold with our guild.


Any suggestions would come in handy


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I see that you're missing a couple of moons on almost every fights, you overcap your AsP way too much, you missed an incarnation on Star Augur and Chronomatic Anomaly, you should use Potions of deadly grace instead of prolonged power(For single target, AoE continue using prolonged power) and it seems you are wasting empowerments. Also in my opinion you have way too much Lunar Strike casts on single target fights, you should never cast LS when you have no empowerment. 

All in all you're performing well, good uptime on dots and you're almost always casting, you just need to improve the little details, like I said, never miss a moon, never cast an AsP building spell when it would bring you overcap(I use a Weak Aura to tell my how much AsP i'll have after a cast), don't waste empowerments(Casting a Starsurge with 3 LS or SW stacks) and use better consumables.

I would also suggest that you switch to your AoE build on pretty much all bosses but Chrono, Trilliax, Krosus and Star Augur.

I hope it helps a little bit, keep it up!

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