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No Expertise Cap for Assassin Rogues?

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Hey guys I've been reading all your guides about rogues. And I LOVE them n.n

I was just curious, it states that Assassin Rogues don't need to get Expertise capped. That it's far more important to get Haste or Mastery. So I just wanted to know why? Since well we need to hit with Special Attacks and such.

I'm on my way on getting better gear on raid. But I was just curious why you guys advice players to not exp cap with Assassination specs. Since I've seen other places where they DO suggest Rogues getting exp capped.

I'm just curious, thanks a lot n.n

Also depending on your answer I'll start reforging my gear Posted Image

Armory Horrible Rogue Link **Don't look at it! It's so bad it burns!! D=**


Thanks guys! Continue rocking! =D

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Hello there!

Thank you for the praise on our guides!

The Assassination spec for Rogues revolves around doing damage with poisons and around mechanics related to poisons. As a result, all your gearing choices will be made to maximize your damage with poisons. The two best stats for your poisons are Hit Rating (to the spell hit, because poison applications are considered spells) and Mastery Rating (trade_brewpoison.jpgPotent Poisons, which increases the damage that your poisons deal).

It is true that Expertise Rating is usually important for melee classes, but in the case of Assassination Rogues, poisons do such a great part of their damage that increasing the overall damage of your melee attacks is secondary.

When in doubt with your Rogue, you can always try Shadowcraft: http://shadowcraft.m...halas/scootaloo

For your character, Shadowcraft is right on par with we say in the guide Posted Image

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