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Mistweaver and Mastery Questions

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I have read the article and it mentions that Mastery is useless, and I would tend to agree.


I am starting to do raiding in Normal ToT right now with my Monk.


Now I am trying to remove Mastery Gear, and I am going for the Haste Cap of 6141.


I have 2 pieces of the LFR set which is good. However I also have pieces of gear that are 516 from Heroic Scenario that I could replace it with. Since the 2 piece benefits my healing. I am assuming that even if it has Mastery I should keep it and work on the rest of my gear.


I have just recently also obtained the META, which I have to say is sweet.


Now I do use Mr. Robot for my Warlock sometimes, and used up until now for my monk.


I would say my spirit regen was decent when I had the Haste Cap at 3145. I have tested out the new build yet.


What gems should I be focusing on now, stacking Crit, Int?


Any helps is appreciated. Thank you.







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You're right. Mastery Is USELESS.  Dont get it.  A slightly lower ilvl piece with crit is usually always better, some time even haste.


Since you have the legendary meta, you're going to want to drop a ton of spirit and start getting your regen and throughput from crit.  I always recommend the low spirit build and then just adjust from there depending on how you feel.




this is my recommendation.  If you want a specific amount of spirit do this:

  1. Click Edit Weights
  2. Set the spirit weight to 1.9
  3. set to "Static Spirit"
  4. enter desired amount of spirit.

The biggest problem with your gear though right now is you still have way too much mastery, which is hindering how much crit or haste you can have.


If you go back down to the 3145 breakpoint you'll have about 9k~ crit and ~7k spirit (from 7.1k~ crit and 6.3k~ spirit with the 6k breakpoint)


Either would work, but honestly the 6k or higher breakpoints are more worth it with the current 2pc.  Next tier, there should be enough haste to just have a good amount of passive for 6k then use an amp trinket for more haste/crit

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I haven't played my Monk since 5.4 being my main is a Warlock and have been focusing more on that toon.


However since you helped me with the above weights, would that still be something I can use, or should it be adjusted for more spirit?

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