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Hey guys :) I have rlly DPS problems with any bosses in nh with my Balance Druid even worse geared Druids do more than I. I pre pot, cast wrath, new moon, dots, Cooldowns, half moon, fullmoon  -> normal rota (wrath for astral power, starsurge, empowerment).




I also can't decide which items I should EQ:



Set Cloak 905

1.278 int, 1.918 stamina, 270 haste, 676 versatility, 405 avoidance


Astromancer's Greatcloak 910

1.340 int, 2.010 stamina, 689 haste,  276 versatility



Ring of the scoured Clan 910 

2.010 stamina, 890 haste, 2,227 mastery


Ring of braided Stems 895

1.747 stamina, 1.707 haste, 1.138 versatility


Stats atm:


Crit 16%

Haste 28%

Mastery 69%

Versatillity 3%

Avoidance 12%


Can you give me some tips how I can improve my dps? You can add me on btag if you want: Liz#21281

Thank you for your help :) 


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