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pet running wild / pet control

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Just as many other hunters I have had the experience a few times of being called huntard and being blamed for pulling. Sometimes even getting kicked.

Now how I set up my pet depends on where I go. If I am soloing I usually put my pet on ferocity with growl on. Tough soloing I might put pet on tenacity instead.


To avoid trouble in dungeons I put my pet on ferocity with growl off. I use a simple focusmacro and set focus on the tank.

The opening macro is:

/assist [@focus,exists][@pet,exists]
/use 13
/use 14


On the pet bar I select assist and follow.

Usually this works fine but recently in the instance stratholme service entrance with loads of packs of mobs I first got unjustifiably blamed for pulling but after that my pet did a few times run off by himself to another pack of mobs leading to a wipe.


My question is wether some of you recognize this and if there is a solution to avoid your pet ever running off pulling aggro.


thx in advance




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usually i find this is becuase Pets tend to try to attack from behind, and thus end up closer to the next pack, sometimes close enough to pull it., arguable the only way to not have this happen is to wait until the tank has pulled the pack back. A good tank should do this as making sure meel DPS can get safely behind the target. A bad tank won't, so you're either stuck in the situation of the pet Ninja Pulling or just not sending the pet in at all.

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