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What class to choose?

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Hi, so i just started playing WoW and im really struggleing to find i class to start with. I would like more a ranged dps or a healer who could do damage aswell. mabe some of u can help me and i'd be really glad if u would. 



sorry for bad english  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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Pick a Druid you can heal, tank and have both melee and a ranged spec. Discipline Priests deal damage to heal other players. They're fun to play, but may be confusing for beginners.

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2 hours ago, 1hp said:

@Stan is Druid with hard gameplay? But anyways huge thanks to you 

I don't think Druids are hard, but Feral takes some practice, Restoration spec has great mobility. You could even try playing a Shaman (Elemental - Ranged DPS, Enhancement - Melee DPS, Restoration - Healing spec). Have you tried Class Trial? When you create a new character, there's an option to try out a Hero for limited time. That may help you pick whatever you enjoy most.

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