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Need help on improving destro dps

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I looked up the logs for one of the first raid bosses I killed and it looks like my DPS is very bad, what should I do to improve? I don't know what I am doing wrong. My armory is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Tichondrius/drageras/advanced and the fight is https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/V2aNntmHbzQALyxR#fight=22&type=damage-done&graphperf=2&source=224. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give

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Hey Penat,

Not a very good result but it's positive you realise that.

Gear wise get more Haste, get your 35th point, better trinkets, tier set, enchant your gear with haste and use consumables. You can use the BiS list and sims in here as a guide for what you ideally want: https://notwarlock.github.io/LockOneStopShop/

Immo uptime 71%, ELT uptime 16%. These should be very close to 100%. Right now you may find you get a lot better result with Eradication or the RE talent or you need to improve your UI and amount of time you pay attention to Life Tapping.

Rotataion wise, in addition to the above, you're missing casts of Infernal, CDF, Chaos Bolt (you wasted 6 shards), Conflag (you got capped but that was possibly during a soak phase which takes priority and at one point you died), Go Serv, Incinerate and Soul Harvest.

You have quite a few casting gaps so try to always cast something. The movement on Krosus (apart from getting the orb yourself) is predictable. The beam changes one side to another (nearly all of the time, I've perhaps seen it go wrong once) so you can get in position on your instants. It is positve to see you use your Gateway, remember you have the Circle as well.

Last but not least really work on your opener. You could have bursted way way higher and Destro relies on this longer into the fight and be more conscious of trying to sync damage increasing cooldowns. Don't delay them for now as that is a bit more advanced but check on timings more and if two are ready together (like Soul Harvest with Rifts and pet summons as an example), use them together.

Good luck.

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