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Lei Shen, Normal mode 10man

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Hello Icy Veins Members


I've been frequenting the forum for quite some time now, and over the past few months started posting and replying to threads.


I was hoping I may get some tips and tricks to dealing with Lei Shen Normal mode.


We have had attempts of 5%, 8%, and 10% so what we are doing can't be too far out but I was hoping a few more tips and tricks might come out of the woodwork here.




Above is the link to our WoL page, we've been trying Lei Shen for almost the last two weeks, 90+ attempts on him.


We have finally started getting through the first intermission successfully and when we do, unless there is a tanking mishap, we are pretty successful at making it to the second intermission if not further.


I suspect we just need more practice, as you will see from the logs we can't maintain the same group every night so the intermission set up varies, making things a bit more difficult obviously but we seem to have several stable configurations now.


I know the vast majority of tips for dealing with static shock and such, which is why we have managed the intermission and <10% wipes.


What I am hoping for is some advice on Overcharge or Static shock for the second intermission, which should we level? From the guides it seemed static shock is recommended, and we usually have a nice set up to deal with multiple statics shocks with people dealing with them on their own (deterance, etc) but recently our most successful has been with overcharge being leveled for the second intermission, but this can be more unforgiving.


Anyway any specific hints/tips or ways you dealt with the encounter as a whole would be great.


Also to note, we run with 2 tanks in one corner, 2 groups of 3 and a group of 2 in the fourth corner. The group of two is usually two shadow priests as they seem to have the most luck dealing with the mechanics on there own, but with only two players they can become unlucky with the number of mechanics aimed there way.

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I would indeed level static shock as the second one especially if you have multiple classes able to solo soak. Overcharge is much more risky as the aoe can overlap to other groups depending on the position of the target. Plus you can move with shock.


As for the WoL, I'm totally oblivious how to make use of the resources there :D   I am practising but so far I'm not very good at it. I can offer you the way we did it though.


We overloaded the Diffusion Chain first to remove the need to watch for ranges which results in some freedom of movement in phase 2 and second transmission. We run with DK and Warrior tanks, and we put the DK soloing the Diffusion quadrant as there's only bouncing bolts for tanks and even if there's up to two of the adds from those it's easily manageable by a tank with selfhealing.


The warrior usually teams up with a rogue in the corner we start phase 2 from. The rogue can cloak one shock and the two of them can take another one should there be one. This leaves the remaining two quadrants with 3 and 4 people and a lot of flexibility with who goes into which.


For phase 2 stack everyone at boss when the ball lightnings appear and nuke those down fast.


For 2nd transition the DK tank joins the corner with the rogue and warrior tank.


Last phase hero, nuke, stack for ball lightning, have ranged spread out before thunderstruck -> profit.



One thing i did pick up from the logs was that you seem to be 3 healing the fight. We tried this at start too but got a lot better results when we switched to 2 healing. One option would be having a disc priest atoning all the time for a 3rd healer if you wish so and if you have access to the spec.

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my group always 3 heals. we put 2 non tanks on each square and then tanks can cover 2 squares watching for adds. put a rogue and a spriest on diff chain and then have them distribute evenly for the second intermission.


in the second phase, we start at static and get it to 90 or so then move to bouncing and leave when its just below 90, then when we get to overcharge we pop hero. if everyone stays stacked for the rest of the fight and gets to their square a little early to stack for intermission, multiple overcharges do no damage. you should only have to unstack for bouncing bolt.


having 2 shadow priest might be a little rough in the final phase. keeping your damage up with all that movement is already tough, but even more so for spriest. they may want to spec divine star for the extra heals.

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Thanks for the responses.


It seems people have their own way of dealing with it.


I have had it suggested that we hero during phase two (phase before the second intermission).


I think we will try that tonight. It is just about getting use to it all, what we are trying for phase three is to have two groups, one melee/tanks and one ranged, both groups of different squares when possible, but the main thing is to make sure people spread before thunderstruck hits tbh.

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Cheers guys.


Killed it last night, hero second phase (dps seemed slightly lacking compared to other nights) still got about 40 into the Static Shock power up (after leveling it ofc).


But it was all down to getting everyone fully use to the tactics and making sure abilities were called to help everyone with timing.

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