Retribution (Ilvl 889) - Single Target Problems

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Hi everybody, 1st post here.

Since NH started I've changed my main spec from Holy to Retribution.

My first problem is that I still not have 2nd useful legendary (got the ring, but have only Movement Boots as other legendary).

In AOE fight (like Skorpyron or even Auriel where you need to kill frost and arcane adds fast) I'm Always in top 3 and often got 75%+ ILVL performance on warcraftlogs.

In ST fight I have awful performance (never over 50% ILVL performance).

My main concerns are:

1) Talent Build for ST: I'm using ES, Zeal (4 pcs. T19) and Blade of Wrath. Is this the optimal build?

2) Trinket: I've got CoF 875, Unstable Arcanocrystal 860, CotCS 870, Entwined 875 (no Faulty Countermeasure, VOTW hates me). What trinkets you suggest to use?

3) Stat priority: using SIMC for my toon, I see a lot of different values and i'm a little confused. Just changing 1 trinket or 1 talent, Haste Mastery and Crit weights changes a lot (Vers tends to stay in 1st place in all sims). What stat priority you suggest for ST fights?

4) Crusade use: since I use CoF, I use Crusade at every CD possible and not saving it for specific moments in fight. Is this a big mistake?


This is my last log from Krosus HC:


My guild is not oriented in fast progress, but I'd like to improve my personal performance :)


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Never use Zeal for Singletarget fights, because of the higher CD and you miss the 15% Chance of Holy Power Consumption Reduction. Zeal is good for the fight against the Botanist.

My suggestion for your trinkets are, use your CoF and for singletarget Entwined and multitarget CoCS.

The only time to save your Crusade is, when it is predictable that there will be a damagestop. Just like phase-switching at Elisande or Guldan. Otherwise use it at any possibilty.

There is another very important Point. What Relics do you have in your Weapon?

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right away i see a problem with your spec dont run zeal and divine hammers together you will not get enough holy power generation youll wanna be running fires of justice with divine hammers then your stats look ok though personally i prefer less mastery i run 38% crit 21% haste 24% mastery and 5% vers as for trinkets ive sound that Claw and Faulty work best ya may wanna do the 100+ VoTW farm like i did >.> it hated me to

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Update: got HC Tier chest and CoCS 890 Yesterday.

Thx for the advices.

Zeal: I've read that when you have 4-pcs bonus Zeal is suggested in all fights and for this reason I use it (besides Krosus and Trilliax every other fight have some moments where AOE or cleave is relevant).

I'll try to use FoJ to improve HP generation.


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49 minutes ago, Siral1980 said:

Update: got HC Tier chest and CoCS 890 Yesterday.

Thx for the advices.

Zeal: I've read that when you have 4-pcs bonus Zeal is suggested in all fights and for this reason I use it (besides Krosus and Trilliax every other fight have some moments where AOE or cleave is relevant).

I'll try to use FoJ to improve HP generation.


i don't know where you read that but its wrong you can go check all the top parses on warcraft logs and youll see its fires and divine hammers not a single zeal for anything if you read that on noxxic that may be your problem ive been hearing people get interesting things from there a lot lately and gz on your 2 new pieces

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The best single target DPS choice is The Fires of Justice IconThe Fires of Justice (and a reasonable default choice in general), and its value is increased further when you have the Whisper of the Nathrezim IconWhisper of the Nathrezim legendary cloak. That said, with the 4-Part Tier 19 Set Bonus, Zeal IconZeal is the best choice here.

I've read here on Icy Veins :P

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Zeal is only a good choice if you run blade of wrath with it you should not have zeal and divine hammers this will keep your holy power generation up  and yes i see that now but you can check it in simcraft you can either do zeal and blade of wrath or fires of justice and divine hammers but not a mix of both if you do youll lose about 10-15k dps

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These are the worse recommendations I have ever read.

Easiest and most adaptive talent build is this:

  • Final Verdict
  • The Fires of Justice
  • Divine Hammer
  • Crusader

This is because, the mixture of AOE and single target flexibility in these talents, Final Verdict is simming better than Execution Sentence again, for the strangest reason. Fires of Justice is very obvious for single target and it helps produce more Divine Storms, which is way more DPS than Zeal and Judgment. Divine Hammer is only very very slightly weaker than Blade of Wrath on single target, where as nearly all the encounters, you will find the additional splash dps to compensate. Crusader is by far the most powerful talent on that row.

If you're struggling with your rotation, get Hekili installed.

Key points: Use Trinkets wisely, Non-Switching target trinkets like eye is very ill advised on a lot of fights. Faulty Countermeasure is great on single target. Draught of Souls Use ability is a flat DPS loss. Never use it unless you have nothing to do.

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