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Patch 7.2 - The Sentinax & Beacons

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The Sentinax is a Legion command ship that patrols the Broken Shore, sending in backup troops to certain areas when necessary. It's great for farming Nethershards, the pre-Legion invasion currency that's returning in 7.2.

Its current location can be seen on the map. 


The ship will periodically attack areas beneath it  with a laser(Sentinax Destruction ZoneSentinax Destruction Zone), make sure to avoid the unnecessary damage.

Enemies beneath the Sentinax have a chance to drop beacons that can be used to cause the Sentinax to open portals, which spawn more difficulty creatures. When killed, these mobs may drop Nethershards, crafting materials or even more powerful beacons to summon more powerful creatures with better rewards.


When a beacon's used, it opens several demonic portals. If an Alliance player starts killing demons at a portal first, you will receive no loot from those demons as a Horde player, because the tag doesn't apply to both factions (this doesn't apply to rare elites on the Broken Shore).

There are several types of beacons with increasing difficulty: uncommon, rare, epic and profession beacons. 




Killing elite demonic lieutenants grants credit toward Naxt VictimNaxt Victim. They count as rares, so they help complete a quest required for Breaching the TombBreaching the Tomb.

Profession Beacons

Sentinax Tokens

Blizzard may add a new Sentinax vendor in the future in exchange for tokens

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