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d3 Female Necromancer and More Skills Revealed

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It's been a while since we last heard something about the upcoming Diablo III class. Now, we get to see the animations of some skills, as well as the completed model for the female Necromancer.

In a new blog update, Blizzard presents us some skills that are part of the toolkit for a melee Necromancer build. We also get to see the female Necromancer in all her macabre glory and she looks amazing!

Still no news about the pricing of the Necromancer pack or the release date - just that the aim for the release is the second half of 2017.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard Entertainment

The balance of Sanctuary has been threatened, and the Priests of Rathma have sent an acolyte to help restore it. Wielding the visceral powers of blood and bone (along with a cadre of curses), the Necromancer will soon be joining the battle to protect Sanctuary from the Burning Hells. While we’ve been hard at work putting the various bits and pieces of what makes up a Diablo III class together for the Necromancer, we wanted to pop our heads out of the crypt and share a glimpse of what we’ve been working on.

Skill: Grim Scythe


Grim Scythe summons a huge scythe in a wide arc, dealing damage and restoring Essence. As a generator ability, this will be your bread and butter ability for building up to your more powerful damage dealing spells.

Skill Rune: Death Nova (Blood Nova)


Blood Nova is one of the five skill runes for the base Death Nova skill. Blood Nova does impressive damage, but this comes at a cost—using this rune requires spending both Essence and some of your Health.

Skill Rune: Devour (Cannibalize)


Devour is a resource-regeneration skill, allowing you to regain Essence by consuming the corpses of your slain foes. As one of the runes for Devour, Cannibalize also allows you to regain Health, which is handy for fueling costly spells like Blood Nova!

Skill Rune: Raise Golem (Blood Golem)


We showed a sneak peek of the Blood Golem at BlizzCon, but now he’s outfitted with animations, skills, and clever tricks! The Blood Golem is a burly companion who can sacrifice himself to heal you. Don’t worry—he’ll reconstruct himself right away, and deal sizeable amounts of damage to surrounding foes in the process!

Skill: Leech


Joining Decrepify in the Necromancer’s repertoire of curses, Leech is a dastardly spell that allows you to transfer some of the health of attacked enemies to yourself and your allies. It’s great not only for keeping yourself healthy, but offering support to your party members as well!

Our Party Grows Stronger – Female Necromancer Model

The concept art from BlizzCon comes alive—we’ve completed the female Necromancer model in all her macabre glory.


What’s Next for the Necromancer?

We know you’ve been dying (pun completely intended) to know when you’ll be able to get your hands on the Necromancer. There are a lot of unanswered questions floating around out there, so we’re going to tackle a few of them. If you don’t see your question here, remember we answered quite a few in our original Necromancer overview and more in our Necro Q&A.

Will there be a PTR for the Necromancer?

Yes! The PTR for the Necromancer will be a little different from other PTRs—stay tuned for more information.

Is the Necromancer part of an expansion pack?

No, the Necromancer is part of a content pack which includes the class, an in-game pet, cosmetic wings, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and a banner sigil.

It will, however, launch alongside a free major content patch that includes two new zones, Challenge Rifts, and more. These additional features will be available for all players with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls or the Ultimate Evil Edition.

How much will the pack cost?

We’re not ready to announce a price yet—we know you’re eager to find out, but we have a few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross before we can share.

When is the Necromancer coming to Diablo III?

We are currently aiming for the second half of 2017; when we have an official release date, we’ll certainly share it!


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Grim Scythe looks EXACTLY like Xul's Cursed Strikes.

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Posted (edited)

Exaclty???? Emm Xul`s animation much much better.

In general other skills are promising and bloody witch themes well with necromacer

Edited by Dantalian

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3 minutes ago, Dantalian said:

Exaclty???? Emm Xul`s animation much much better.

In general other skills are promising and bloody witch themes well with necromacer

I mean the skill itself, not the animation. When they announced that the Necromancer would have melee skills this was thr first thing that came to my mind.

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This has been tragically slow (sounds like Blizzard)...

I don't know why I was hoping they would reveal and release it quickly. I'm so over D3 and a character isn't going to be enough to drag me back in. At this point they should have held it off for an expansion or D4. Especially since it's not coming until "second half" of 2017.

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She looks a bit like a creepy Cara Delevigne, doesn't she?

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1 hour ago, Zadina said:

She looks a bit like a creepy Cara Delevigne, doesn't she?

To me she looks too much like the female Demon Hunter. Maybe it is the hair. It literally looks like they inserted DH's hair into the Necromancer and painted white.

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Posted (edited)

Your summary at the beginning says second quarter release, but the official statement says second half of year. 

Edited by SterlingHero

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      Good news for console owners as Seasons are finally coming! The first time we talked about Seasons and consoles was right after last year's BlizzCon. There were multiple screenshots indicating the addition, but now, it's official!
      Seasons on consoles start Friday, March 31 at 5 PM PDT.
      Blizzard Entertainment (Source)
      What Are Seasons?
      Seasons are a fresh way to experience the game as though you were playing it for the first time—complete with rapid character leveling and gear upgrades. While a Season is active, players can create characters that are separate from their current non-Seasonal characters.
      Your first character in a Season will start completely from scratch. Each additional Seasonal character can only share progress with this character. When the Season ends, these characters will become non-Seasonal and any items, progress, or Challenges they’ve earned in the Season will be available to non-Seasonal characters.
      If you’ve been itching to take a friend through the game for the first time, or simply want to experience the joy of playing the game with a clean slate, Seasons are the perfect way to do so.

      Making A Seasonal Character
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      The Season Journey
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      Haedrig’s Gift
      Speaking of rewards, working your way through the Season Journey has another nice perk!
      Completing Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Season Journey will reward you with three Haedrig’s Gifts. Each one contains a few pieces from one of your class sets.
      The available class sets change each Season. You can unlock one per Season across all your Hardcore and normal characters, so choose wisely! That said, here are the ones you can earn in the upcoming Season:
      Barbarian – The Legacy of Raekor Crusader – Armor of Akkhan Demon Hunter – Embodiment of the Marauder Monk – Inna’s Mantra Witch Doctor – Zunimassa’s Haunt Wizard – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      Seasonal Conquests
      In Seasons, we've taken the concept of Challenges to the next level by introducing Conquests—difficult tasks that can only be completed by a Seasonal hero.
      Completing Conquests is an important part of the highest tiers of the Season Journey, and earns you points toward your Seasonal Challenge point total.
      Seasonal Leaderboards
      As you complete Conquests, reach new heights in Greater Rifts, and increase your total Challenge points, you may land yourself a spot on the Seasonal Leaderboards.
      These allow you to see how your progress in different areas compares to your friends and other players worldwide. You can access the Leaderboards through the menu, either in-game or on the main screen.
      The End of the Season
      You might be asking yourself what happens to all the amazing rewards you’ve earned at the end of the Season. The short answer is: You keep them!
      All items and Challenges you’ve earned, experience you’ve gained, Kanai’s Cube powers you’ve unlocked, crafting recipes you’ve discovered, and so on will roll over to your non-Seasonal characters as soon as the Season ends.
      Once that happens, you’ll have 30 days to collect any items you’ve earned during the Season through the mailbox available in any town hub on your non-Seasonal characters.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Q: When does the first console Season start?
      A: The upcoming Season is scheduled to begin Friday, March 31 at 5 PM PDT on console.
      Q: Will the upcoming Season be the same for console and PC/Mac players?
      A: Yes. Seasons on console will start with Season 10 to create parity between console and PC / Mac players going forward.
      Q: What will happen to Challenges that I complete during the Season?
      A: Any Challenges you complete during a Season will automatically be completed for your non-Seasonal characters as well. The only exceptions are Conquests and Season-exclusive Challenges—since these are not available to non-Seasonal heroes, they won’t be available after the Season ends.
      That wraps up all the info you might want to know before playing Seasons. Are you looking forward to discovering the Season Journey? Ready to once again experience a fresh start in Sanctuary? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you soon, nephalem!
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