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FDK dps performance

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I think i'm experiencing performance issues with my BoS FDK.

I thought I did a relatively good job in my H NH run yesterday, but looking at the log, my parses are so low and I dont understand what I could to to increase it

I thought I was doing decent DPS on most of the fights but I always end up parsing 50-70 max, is it normal ?

I'm not too sure what to look for in logs, 

I did notice i popped my 2nd prolonged power potion not in sync with my big 3rd BoS so that might be one place to improve.

Looking at the timetable of my buffs it seems i'm using my rimes/KM procs quickly enough, i dont seem to be wasting any procs, but i could be wrong

I did 3 BoS in a 7min40 fight, 2 of them being "big" BoS with 2 stacks of HRW and the other one with only 1 stack, however I did notice that I might not be getting optimal uptime on BoS, it seems i did very "short" BoS's throughout the fight (40sec-60sec)

Here are the relevant infos:
wow armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/sargeras/Àllahakbar/advanced

Yesterday's 4/10H log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/AJyh3kW1NVvP2RLZ
Yesterday'S Star augur log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/jR4zt8hwYcDxrmLk#fight=33&type=damage-done&source=217

Any insight are very appreciated and helpful, thank you for your time!

P.S. does anyone have a good guide on how to "analyze" the warcraftlog logs?

I hope i was clear enough in my post to be understood! :)

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Looking over your augur. First thing I notice is that you delayed your BoS after your 2nd one to line up with lust it appears, while this isn't completely wrong what you should have done is just used it off CD, you had 1 HRW (maybe 2) at the time and you can use that 1 hrw to prolong your breath into lust, and then lust will help you carry your breath further, and also u having a 2nd hrw either mid lust or if you can not be forced to use it until after lust would yield a better outcome, most likely. And on top of that because you delayed it your last BoS got cut by the fight ending which obviously could have been avoided if you didn't delay it. You should use your potion with lust+breath if you have to choose between one or the other choose breath. Next I would have to say would be the fact that your RW up time is rather low 58%. You missed 2 casts of it, but that's not where your losing most of the up time, you're losing most of your up time from the about of gathering storms you're getting or lack of that you could say, and this is a big deal because not only does it increase your RW damage but also your HB damage because you have helmet. How you can improve on that is making sure you have runes before you RW. Best example of this would be you RW lets say it's up for 14 seconds, and it drops. It would be on CD for 6 seconds during those 6 seconds (unless you have BoS going) you shouldn't cast any rune spending spells. So when RW is up you'll have 2 or 4 maybe more runes which will yield you a better up time. A good RW up time goal would be 70-75%.

One last thing is your breaths are pretty short tbh the first breath ended during HRW which means you weren't casting enough, for what ever reason. It can happen I understand but generally shouldn't. Aim for like 45% up time on this.

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thank you for the tips! yeah ill definitely look into improving my RW uptime 

reason i delayed the third BOS was to line it with the spawn of the big add, wanted to make sure i would have BoS up for the add

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Makes sense, but you can generally keep it up regardless then go from boss to add, but i mean it is what it is.

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