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Prot playing fury with questions

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Hello guys

I'm playing a protection warrior for my guild and lately I've really wanted to work on my Fury offspec. I am having some questions where I want some help with however. I've pugged and logged a Heroic Krosus kill (seemed like the best boss for logs) on which I made an 18% parse for my ilvl. Now I'm wondering whether I need to focus on rotation or just need to get better (and probably more correct) gear. This was done with about 24% haste and the 2 best (imo) legendaries I have available for fury, which are pretty crappy (got Kakushan's gauntlets and Sephuz in bags).

A first big question I have is how long you think it's acceptable to postpone popping a Battly Cry, ie if you're sitting at 80 rage, no enrage and bloodthirst/raging blow on CD, do I pop BC or wait for 100 rage through auto attacks and use BC afterwards? Also, how do you deal with the enrage phase when you know you cant keep the Juggernaut stacks up (ie krosus with the bridge being destroyed)? Is it still better to use the Execute rotation instead of the regular one?

The Krosus kill felt like I played fairly well, at least executing the rotation but the parse is rather low... Feedback is highly appreciated :)

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Hi duval

Due to i'm on my mobile, i didn't take a look to your log. I think your question get answered, if you read the fury guide on mmo-champion (linked that a few times in other threads, just have another look another thread).

I dont understand your question about the 80rage. Usually you dont care about rage because you will get 100 rage by using BC (otherwise you use a wrong talent).

If the guide doesn't answer your questions, feel free to ask again.

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