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Looking for help with optimization (UH)

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Hello guys.

I'm looking for help regarding the Unholy spec, as I pretty much hate playing Frost rn.

I believe I'm doing pretty good, vastly thanks to the tips and indications I received on this forum.

Here's my char's page on WC logs : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/9295804/11/#bracket=-1

Here's the link to my guild's logs : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/reportslist/145120/

I believe I have quite a well optimized stuff atm, thus that shouldn't be a blocking factor.

Could anyone with spare time have a look at my logs and tell me how I could improve ? 

I believe I shoudl be able to reach the 100% ilvl ranking, looking at my stuff.

Many thanks for your time.


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Alright so looking at your character, (next time please include armor <3) your relics aren't optimized well you should be aiming for 3 plague bearers, you don't have 54 traits, your mastery is good and so is your haste, and the other stats follow suite. Some other problems would be you don't have a Draught, it's better than unstable crystal, and you aren't using blighted rune weapon currently that is the optimal talent in a good amount of situations though it is only very slightly better, but when you're trying to get 100% for ilvl that lil bit is a lot.

As far as actual rotational errors on trilliax you're runic capped a lot, while this isn't a big deal.If you're playing necrosis which you are, there shouldn't be many times where you are runic capped. Secondly you have times when you are Deathcoiling and not following up with a clawing shadow despite you having runes at the time too, which is not correct for obvious reasons. It's fine to Deathcoil>Festeringstrike>clawing shadow but if you're playing with necrosis it should be almost never when you don't follow a deathcoil up with a clawing shadow, and it happens semi-frequently in this log.

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Thanks, those are good remarks and good path for reflexion.

I'll try working on my "cycle" then. Concerning the relics, I'll try to farm these :p.

Gul Dan doesn't want to give me his trinket but I'll keep on farming it as well.

Conerning the Blighted Rune weapon, simming shows it to be behind for my char, but maybe that's a problem with SimCraft. I'll have a look at that IG.

Thanks bud !

Sorry for the link to armory, indeed :) 



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