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Low damage help

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Hello, I am currently playing assassination rogue with my guild and feel that my damage is extremely low for my item level. I didn't actually think my damage was that bad until someone ran logs and I saw that on most fights I was only in the mid 30%s for rogues of my ilevel, and as bad as mid 20s on some fights like Krosus. Obviously I am doing something seriously wrong to be that low and would really appreciate it if someone could help me by pointing out what I'm doing wrong.

I've been reading other threads in the forum and common tips are keeping surging toxins up during kingsbane, keep high rupture and garrote uptimes, don't let agonizing poison fall off and don't hold cooldowns for more than 10 seconds apart from in specific cases. 

I've been following those tips as best I can, although I do notice some lowish (~80%) uptimes on rupture and  garrote on fights with adds or phases where you are not hitting the boss. I do think improving those uptimes would up my damage by a chunk, but I am finding it hard to believe that it would bump me up the 40-50% I need. (I would be happy in the 70+ percentile).

Here are some logs from a recent nighthold run where you can see my extremely low % compared to other rogues in my bracket.

If I am wrong and it is as simple as upping my rupture/garrote uptimes then feel free to let me know, or if I am doing something else completely wrong. If anyone can give me ideas of where to improve it would be very much appreciated

Something I have noticed by looking at the fights for other rogues at my ilevel is that their envenom is always their number 1 damage ability, but for me its always below rupture, their envenom is doing twice as much damage as mine over the course of the fight. Even if I clipped every single surge of toxins that would still only be a 10% overall envenom damage increase, where is all of their extra envenom damage coming from?

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You might benefit from a higher uptime on garrotte/ rupt on several fights. Elisande and Gul'dan are particulary bad as far as uptimes are concerned.

This might hint that you dont have much experience on these fights. With practice, you'll learn when to apply your bleeds to prevent downtime (ie: during Gul'dan's storm).

As for envenom damage, well, it scales with mastery, and you're not that geared either :D


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The best advice I can give you is to get the add-on weak auras and learn to use it.  I play assassination and I found that once I could set up all my CDs and poisons on timers my dps went up 30%.  You can customize the look of any aspect of weak auras to match what you need.  I am frequently the highest dps on single target in my guild. 


I have my timers set up to notify me when rupture is going to fall off in 10 seconds.  That gives me enough time to build combo points and energy to make sure it never falls off. I also have a separate timer for garrotte.  It takes priority over finishing moves.


Good luck!

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