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Hello  dear warriors of Azeroth,

I am seeking your help. I am warrior with ilvl 889, currently i decent gear 4p tier...   Or just look at my armory . And yet i am doing really bad dps in boss fights. This is for example log on Krosus HC (also feel free and look around if you are intrested in other bosses(except Star - had dc)). My rotation is: 

  • Opening: Charge -> Avatar -> Battle Cry -> Rempage -> Draught of Soul -> BL -> RB -> ODYN
  • Normal: BL -> RB -> FS when i get 100 rage it goes -> RAMPAGE -> BL -> RB -> FS

and so on.  I checked some other logs from warcraft logs site and other warriors are performing better than me. I just need few tips how to get this fixed. I read tons of fury warrior 7.1.5 guides but still i'm failing. 


Thank you fellow warriors!


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Hi Wiruspwns

I'm not a master in reading logs and i'm not a master in fury warrior, but i try to give you a feedback. First of all, you rotations seems basically to be ok. I did a short compare between you and another warrior with same ilvl and about the same fight-length. It seems that you have some issues:

- to low execute usage: the other warrior did about double the damage you did during execute phase. It seems that you're using your execute not as often as you should

- activity: other warrior has about 15% more skill usage than you. Eventually you have to run to much to soak - thats a bit difficult to assess

- frothing bers. uptime: Are you sure that you're using FB when you hit 100 rage? There is a huge gap between you (40% uptime) and the compared warrior (57% uptime).

- flask and pott are missing

I hope this helps a bit =)

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