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Hello there

I've been playing since the start of Legion as a hunter and I was doing good all the time but a few weeks into NightHold I am not satisfied with my DPS. Since my fellow BM friend was online last night and Raid with us and we had the Log I decided to ask this now.

Here is the Log link:

and this is my Char Armory link:Ðeathshot/simple

I want to know if I am doing something wrong or is it just my gear and stats. (I do sim my char ever 2-3 upgrade and stayed updated on changes) I have also changed some of my gears since last night raid which u can see in my armory. (Legendaries that I already have besides those on my Char are : Legs - Head and Sephuz's Secret)

Thanks and let me know if u need more document :)


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The other hunter has 4pc, better legendaries, and better trinkets. 

4pc is your biggest dps upgrade outside of getting legendary shoulders, work on getting it as soon as possible. 

Your rotation seems to be fine, but because you spent a lot less time in 'burst phase' than your counterpart, you won't manage to catch up to their dps. Also they have the legendary belt so they can better mange their focus during BW. 

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IN addition to what Luthixx said i would recommend also farming for mythic usoc trink since it is insane. Otherwise i'd say u are doing fine.

If u want to try to optimise ur dps to the fullest however you can try and practise the timings on your Db's since u have the that  you get every single kc in to your rotation as possible. 

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