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Returning hunter in need of help with specs

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Im a returning hunter player from a month after Legion launch, and Im basically just wondering how hunters are doing atm. I currently have about 850 iLvl, and though I will only ever play casually, I still want to pull good dps in Mythics/small raids. So basically what spec will perform best at my level? Ive gathered that MM requires some legos to be 100 % viable, but Ive also heard that a spec with sidewinders will perform better at lower iLvls than the typical trickshot build. But will it outperform BM or surv? And rotation/fun wise, althoigh highly subjective, how are they doing atm? And lastly, which spec is in you opinion best for solo content? Thanks for any answers!


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Hunters are pretty good at the moment, although BM and MM are a little reliant on legendaries (BM is the lowest without shoulders). SV is good without legendaries, but by far the most complex spec. 

Rotation wise, BM is the easiest and very care-free, MM is very RNG based and can be a little iffy at times, and SV is just plain batcrap crazy!

Generally people say BM is the best for solo content, but if you have a pet out any of the other specs is still viable. 

Just give each of the three a go, or watch some gameplay/explanation videos and see what you like the most. Until you're getting 35+ traits and serious gear towards one more than another, you can kind of just swap between them. One thing to note however, is that SV has a completely different stat priority and values haste & versa over everything else after a small mastery cap.


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