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Help with Fury DPS

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I've recently came back from a 7 years break and decided to play a Fury warrior. I've acquainted myself with tools like simcraft and I've found it tremendously helpful to gauge gear upgrades and whatnot, what is bothering me however, is how much my "real world" performance differs from what Simcraft says it should be.

Simcraft runs have me at around 415k Dps on a 5 minutes patchwerk style fight. On a 5 minutes fight on the dummy, I average 334k DPS and while I am probably not doing everything right, I can't seem to account what I am doing wrong (or not doing at all) that would account for a 80k DPS discrepancy. 

Despite turning on advanced combat logging and restarting the game, my logs seemingly are not showing things like gear and artifacts traits. This is my armory:

http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Rageslash/simple (gear and talents will be up to date for the next 4-5 days)

For the artifact, I am missing only 2 ranks in uncontrolled rage and all the ranks in bloodcraze plus of course the 20 ones in titanic power. Relics used are: Stormforged inferno (840)Tempest of the Heavens (875) and Strength of the Nazjatar (845).

The rotation I am using is the following:

Charge->BC,Avatar,Blood Fury->Rampage->RB->BT->OF->RB->BT at this point I am usually back at 100 rage so I do: Rampage->RB->BT->FS.

Where I think I am failing:

  • After the rotation above, usually RB is off cd whilst BT is not, so I end up using a non enraged RB. Would be better to use 2x FS and then use BT as soon as it off cooldown? This however can lead to getting to 100 rage, hititng rampage and having to wait half a second for RB to be off cd, I can still manage to squeeze 2 in the BC window however.
  • Enrage clipping: Is it a big deal? Sometimes it seems to be inevitable (BC window) other times it just happens that I use a BT that gets me to 100 rage and I use immediately Rampage, seems the right thing to do to me not to waste all that extra rage that generates during an enrage but I am not so sure.

    Again, even with those 2 things accounted for. I still don't see them making up for a 80k dps difference, so probably the issue is somewhere else which I can't figure out. This is the log I've produced:

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Simcraft shows DPS during the execute phase. Execute significantly increases your DPS when used concurrently and since you can't cast execute on the training dummy, that would be why your DPS appears to be lagging behind Simcraft's numbers.

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