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Some Current Mistweaver Thoughts

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Reglitch over at MMO-Champion now has a blog based solely on mistweavers.  He is an amazing theory crafter who has contributed A LOT to the mistweaver community.


This topic that I linked is based on how the class has changed since it started at 5.0 and what he thinks should be changed and how.  I think its a brilliantly constructed post and I agree with everything he says.


He also has many other blog posts on that website if you care to look.  His opinion on the class is usually the sharpest.

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I like his idea for the mastery change. Unsure why they haven't changed it yet unlike WW monk mastery which theyve changed twice already I think. The idea of mist wave does give an impression of atonement healing but thats so much better than what it is now.

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