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What is your favorite Legion mount?

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For whatever reason I personally find that legion feels rather weak in the mount department. If i travel over to the warcraft mount page i see this is not really the case but I dunno, at least the opening patches felt like there were very few new mounts to obtain compared to previous expacs. That being said.

The brawlers guild basilik is by far my favorite. I wasn't aware it was added so one day I saw people riding around on this giant crocodile lizard dragon thing, it just came careening by me during a world quest and it made me stop and say "holy god what was that awesome thing". It took awhile to find another one and to find out where it came from. The static image on various websites does it injustice, its a really neat mount in my opinion. 

In many ways it almost looks to be an elongated ratscallion skin but something about it makes it feel alive to me. Maybe the segments or something? Just watching it walk around is really neat :)

Edit* youtube video is big, sorry about that, dunno how to resize it, but its necessary to appreciate the basiliks glory


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