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Question about legendary

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Hey there all :)

Was just wondering as i cant seem  to figure out weather it's worth it or not.. I have the Kazzak's Final Curse legendary ..  and was wondering if it was worth useing the Impending Doom  over  Improved Dreadstalkers  ?       .. also i have the Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus    and   Sephuz's Secret    and   . .  I can see the sneaky use of prydaz on Krosus and botanist for "ignore" certain mechanics  .. however i tend to use sephuz on botanist for interupting spawning thingies ..  ( hrc/nrm)     but cant see the great useage for them on other figths............. ( migth be blind to something ) 




If it has some useage for answers :) 

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No clue, sorry. Sim it. I've been playing Aff since 2 weeks before NH release so I haven't looked at anything for dmeo.

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