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899 Frost Mage Underperformance

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I feel like my dps is much lower than it should be for my item level  I don't believe I am deviating from any rotation.  I am using Frost Bomb for AoE fights, but that is about it.


This is the Warcraft logs for tonight.  I don't count Trillax because I died twice for stupid reasons.


This is my Armoury.


Any help would be appreciated.  



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So first things first, frost bomb is pretty much unused nowadays. It's not a huge bump in damage(if any) for single over Unstable, and Blizzard is actually pretty good for AoE with Arctic Gale. 


So most of what I'm looking at is the largely single target fights (Krosus, Chrono, Augur) because I don't care about the AoE scumfest that is Scorp/Spellblade. So if I point out something that did happen in one of those others or whatever, refer to that statement. And I will frequently refer to Krosus fights since he is a good Patchwerk-esque fight for just raw damage and minimal mechanics.


Let's look at that opener a bit, on Augur and Trill you got a decent precast, though you aren't casting the followup Ice Lance off the Ebonbolt flurry, not so much on Chrono, guessing a facepull or something. Then you move into the usual opener, but you're overlapping the water jet cast with the frozen orb being up. That has a huge potential to clip some FoF charges with the orb generating them as quickly as it can while you hardcast 2 frostbolts. 


Alright, after looking deeper into the fight you aren't casting any Ice Lances off the flurry procs. That's huge, both for Icy Veins uptime and overall dps. The Flurry procs cause any spells that hit the target to act as if the target is frozen, there's some cute blinking forward you can do to squeeze an etxra one in, but nevermind that right now. Your best combo with a flurry proc is a Frostbolt>Immediate Flurry>Ice Lance. If you're quick enough getting the Flurry in the air and you are at least 15yards out it will Shatter the Frostbolt, giving you a stack of Chain Reaction, then allowing a followup Icelance for that big damage.


Now lets talk spec a bit. Lonely Winter is huge. If you have your 2pc, it's generally in your best interest to spec into it. Since you will be getting so many more Flurry procs, it's nice to make those 28% stronger as well as boosting Ice Lances (which you get more of due to the increase in Flurries) and Frostbolts. As for those Mirror Images, I know they look good on a training dummy and really make you burst a lot higher than you normally would, but they really just do not perform nearly as well as Incanters Flow. Frozen Touch is good, depending on the amount of cleave you get to do it's a tossup between that and Splitting Ice, pretty self explanitory which to choose when. As I mentioned earlier get that Frost Bomb out of there, it just isn't worth the time to put up, especially when you're busy fishing for as many Ice Lances as you can get to keep that Icy Veins rolling as long as possible. 


For a little bit better of an opener check out:


Minus of course my Glacial Spikes, I just find it to be a little more consistent in terms of doing the damage I need, no procless streaks causing me to drop out of IV early, but Thermal certainly is pulling bigger numbers if the RNG gods smile upon you.


The big takeaways should be to follow your instant cast Flurries with an Ice Lance, try Lonely Winter, and drop Frost Bomb. I noticed a few moments where you had a large chunk of dead time, and I could tell a few moments like the Orb on Krosus, but there were some that didn't seem to have any cause. 

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That is the kind of answer I am talking about!  

Thanks for the advice about always Ice lancing after Flurry procs, it makes obvious sense now that I look at it with the shatter effect..  

I always though lonely winter was a dps loss, but timing the Water Jet and Frozen Orb was a little higher than my skill level is currently.

I will try the changes you suggested, maybe even Glacial spike.  Once again, if the suggestions you have work and I am able to increase my dps...  Spot on comment and 10/10.  Thanks Tehril.

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Hey Ther,

     Can you look at my logs and tell me where you might see me improving?  I am 901 and frustrated that I can't seem to reach the really big numbers.  Thanks for any advice you can give man!


And these are my heroic logs: 



I will owe you if you can tell me where you might see a need for a change.  Thanks man!


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You're pulling solid DPS right now Granight.

I took the liberty of searching you on the armory to see your gear (maybe it's on WoWLogs and I'm too noob to find it), the only thing I would say is to try and get the 4 tier bonus as soon as you can, and test that out. It made a big difference in my damage, and I think it's the best you can get right now.

Talent-wise, you're also set up well. Personally, I don't use Glacial Spike, I've found Thermal to do more for me, but to each their own. If you do decide to try out Thermal instead, you'll have to adjust your gear to get more haste, and alot less mastery if you can.

The only drawback I've found now that I'm getting better geared, is that it's nearly impossible to hit the 33% soft-crit cap for Frost if you equip the 4 tier set..I'll have to adjust my mage as well for that, but it's a start.

Best of luck out there!


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