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Hi, new to WoW, have not played it before, played other MMO's, did the free trial and got to level twenty quite fast and well yes the game is definitely enjoyable and now I cannot progress past 20.

Just wondering I'm not going to get the expansion worth £30 straight away so I was wondering if it's fine just getting the £9 WoW for now? And does it also come with a subscription or will I have to pay for a subscription as soon as I upgrade?

Just wondering if it will be worth investing time into it if I'm not getting the expansion packs or the best out of it. Currently just doing quests and so forth so far.


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Hi AndurilOfElessar2nd

I would recommend that you buy the "normal" edition, without the actual expansionpack. It includes all the older expansion packs and you can level your char till 100. There is 1 month playtime included, after that month you have to buy a playtimecard (dunno if that still exists) or subsribe (there are different options). Use this link for more information (europe english).

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