Jeweled Signet of Maleandrus Ilvl900

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Hi all,

I'm new here, this is my 1st post.


So I just got the above mentioned ring at ilvl 900 from my weekly chest, every week i get a ring :S and I'm wondering if the 10% auto damage would be worth me dropping 419 crit plus a socket and swapping 1173 mastery for 1592 haste, I have simmed them both and they turn out quite equal but Im not sure how to post them here, if I'm allowed even.

Crit is scaling above agility even for me atm, here is my pawn string. 

( Pawn: v1: "Angelkillér": Agility=10.51, CritRating=11.62, HasteRating=9.10, MasteryRating=9.71, Versatility=9.92 )

Anyone have some experience with it? or know if it would be a dps increase, I'm not very computer savvy, I have googled about a bit but cant find anything


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