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I would like some advices on how to improve my DPS. I'm currently playing the build with Chaos Blades as final talent. (- First blood + Master of Glaive) 
And as raid player, I would like to become a better demon hunter ^-^. 

So here's my logs on a fight we did in my guild : 
I'm usually top 5 DPS, so I'm not that bad but I feel like I could do maybe better.

Here's my armory :

I'm 893 ilvl. Without any flask/food my stats are : 37 % crit / 12 % hast and 37 % mastery. 
I feel like I'm quite mastering my dps cycle but sometimes I have the feeling I losing something. 
So, go ahead and tell me everything you think about my way of playing. 
I'm here to become better :) !

Btw, please excuse my bad english. Doing my best to be understandable.

Thanks and see ya :) !

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