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Major Shaman Changes for 5.4 (preview)

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Hi guys,
Shaman got a lot of changes this patch, so some of the guides need a bit of rewriting. These will be done very soon, but while they're in the works I thought I'd summarize them here so that people can look them up. Any really significant things I've missed out? Tell me and we'll make sure that we check it's in the guide.


Talent Changes


- ability_shaman_totemcooldownrefund.jpgTotemic Restoration has gone, replaced by ability_shaman_totemcooldownrefund.jpgTotemic Persistence.


The whole section on Totemic Restoration can now be simplified; whenever you use two totems of the same kind (which aren't Fire totems), they will both stay on the ground. An example would be using spell_nature_earthelemental_totem.jpgEarth Elemental Totem and ability_shaman_stonebulwark.jpgStone Bulwark Totem simultaneously to mitigate a lot of damage.


ability_shaman_healingtide.jpgHealing Tide Totem has been made baseline! It now scales with raid size and every Shaman can use it.


It has been replaced with the new talent inv_spear_04.jpgRushing Streams, which makes your Healing Stream Totem heal harder and heal more people.


ability_shaman_fortifyingwaters.jpgConductivity has been reworked! Now your normal cast-time healing spells, and major damage spells, will extend the duration of Healing Rain by 4s up to 40s.


ability_shaman_astralshift.jpgAstral Shift had its cooldown reduced to 1.5min from 2min. This is a big buff, and makes it somewhat more attractive for raiding (especially for soaking large damage abilities).




- Most Glyphs stayed roughly the same, with one major exception noted in the Restoration section.




Chain Heal got buffed so that it no longer loses healing when it bounces. This is a big change; you no longer really have to worry about bouncing it off the lowest health raid member.


Healing Rain now has a hard target cap; it heals up to 6 people and no more. If there are more than six people, it will target the lowest-health player. Pets do not get healed by Healing Rain any more. This does not really affect how Healing Rain will be used.


Healing Rain's healing and scaling was nerfed for damage-dealing specs.
Restoration (my area of expertise)




- ability_shaman_totemcooldownrefund.jpgTotemic Persistence is now a major boost for Resto; we can place two healing totems at once! (Or Mana Tide and a Healing Totem). The extra burst will be an amazing boost. I expect that this will become the default talent of the tier for Restoration.


- inv_spear_04.jpgRushing Streams is insanely powerful for Restoration, since we're dropping Healing Stream Totem all the time. This is probably the "default" talent for the tier, as it shines in spread-out raid settings or fights with high movement. It also allows the spread of your inv_glyph_majorshaman.jpgGlyph of Healing Stream Totem, which is pretty ubiquitous as a Glyph for Restoration.


- ability_shaman_ancestralguidance.jpgAncestral Guidance is still an excellent option for stacked-up burst healing. Since it has a low cooldown and still duplicates your spell_nature_giftofthewaterspirit.jpgHealing Rain, it's still the best in the tier for stacked-up healing.


- The new ability_shaman_fortifyingwaters.jpgConductivity is situational for Restoration, since it will only beat ability_shaman_ancestralguidance.jpgAncestral Guidance on fights where the healing is persistent and stacked-up throughout the fight. It can also save you mana by reducing the number of times you have to cast spell_nature_giftofthewaterspirit.jpgHealing Rain.




Glyph of Chain Heal now gives Chain Heal a cooldown of 2s (down from 4s). This makes Chain Heal extremely strong, since the cast time for Chain Heal is usually roughly 2s. In 10-man raiding, Glyph of Chain Heal will likely be the default and in 2-man it might even become common!


Damage Dealing Specializations




ability_shaman_totemcooldownrefund.jpgTotemic Persistence is not a DPS boost, but could be used for utility in raids.


inv_spear_04.jpgRushing Streams is not very powerful for non-healing specs unless they use Healing Stream Totem very regularly. It's likely that ability_shaman_ancestralguidance.jpgAncestral Guidance will still be the best talent, especially considering that Healing Rain isn't as powerful as it was previously (so ability_shaman_fortifyingwaters.jpgConductivity is not as powerful).


- Now that ability_shaman_healingtide.jpgHealing Tide Totem is baseline, make sure to tell every DPS Shaman to use it whenever the raid is taking damage! smile.png

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Hey Stoove, this is awesome I just thought I will add a little elemental info on this. Been playing the PTR a bit and it looks like haste is going down the tube! With the nerf to RPPM trinkets no longer scaling with haste and being able to push 80% mastery with a 555 il I was finding a much larger dps increase with mastery. Also another thing to watch for is talents I don't believe you will be able to just go ability_shaman_echooftheelements.jpgEcho of the Elements and shaman_talent_elementalblast.jpgElemental Blast for every boss and pull around the same dps as any other talent combo. The combo I have been using a lot in PTR is spell_nature_wispheal.jpgElemental Mastery and shaman_talent_primalelementalist.jpgPrimal Elementalist because with losing our T14 4 set everything can be on a 3 minute cooldown and syncs really well. 


For and other info email me :D


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