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A druid who needs advice, please :)

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Hi guys, I’m a druid on Dath Remar. My main is my balance druid and my dps isn’t what is should be considering my item level of 889.

Link to my armory .


Combat log

I start my rotation with potion of prolonged power and then celestial alignment. I then cast my macro of moonfire and sunfire which is on the same button. I cast wrath on single targets and lunar strike on multiple ones. I spam either wrath or lunar strike to get enough power to cast starsurge. I cast moon on cooldown.

My dps goes down when I have to move, I try and spam moonfire/sunfire or starsurge when I have to move.

My talent choice was from a discussion I had with another druid in the guild.
15 - Starlord
30 - Displacer Beast
45 - Restoration Affinity
60 - Mass Entanglement

Talents 75, 90 and 100 were decided for more AoE damage
75 – Soul of the Forest
90 – Astral Communion
100 Stellar Drift

I don’t know whether I need more haste, I and a few other have worked on getting my dps higher but to no joy. The other druid in my guild Clawbringer does higher dps than I.

Here is a link to his armory.


Combat log

I would like to learn what it happening, what is going wrong, I use Ask Mr Robot  for my gear choices. I appreciate your comments, please be kind. I have never used this website before. I hate being bottom of the Skada meter, barely beating the tanks.


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You do have a huge problem, you're right :o)

I used the skorpyron fight, because with your aoe talent build, you are supposed to shine.

I looked at your CPM (cast per minute), and 28 is way toooooo low. It means your not dpsing while you're supposed to. Target 45+. You don't need to move for skorpyron, or very short distances, you can anticipate everything.

But the biggest thing is, and honestly I think I either misread the logs, or the logs are buggy : do you know the existence of the spell starfall ? This is your ae spell responsible for 80% of your damage. You didn't use it *at all* during the fight. On skorpyron startfall must be active anytime there's an add, meaning pretty much all the time. You'll cast much less starsurge because you'll need the AP for the starfalls. Guess also what starfall allows you to do? cast while moving. No excuse for a low CPM :)

I also looked the Krosus fight, a pure single target fight, where no unplanned movements is required, I think your dps suffer mainly from your low CPM.

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Thank you Bobifle.

I am not sure about the logs, I have just recently changed my spec to include starfall.

Thank you for answering my question, I knew something was off, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I have had help from my guild, but the number still weren't much chop. Something to work on:)

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With regards to your character:

     1. The hat and inc ring are great for single target.  Having the bracers would be good to switch out for AOE fights. 

     2. You need haste.  Esp with the hat you need a lot more haste. 

     3. I don't really like those trinkets.  Focus on getting the gul'dan caster trinket and a good stat stick (haste or the stat stick from the jim world boss).  The trinket from the 2nd NH boss is also decent. 

     4. For single target talents I prefer starlord, incarnation, the blue blessing of the ancients, and nature's balance.  A starfall build for more aoe could be warrior of elune, soul of the forest, shooting stars, and stellar drift.  Thankfully it's easy for us to switch talents in between fights since we can port to our class halls, change talents, and then use the port again to get taken back to the raid!


Looking at the Trilliax fight: 

     1. CPM (casts per min) is low.  You need to be always pushing your buttons and push them as fast/hard as you can.  Always try to have SS up for movement.  The hat makes this harder as it makes your rotation inflexible.  However in normal Trilliax you really don't need to move much as the beam doesn't really hurt. 

     2. The sunfire uptime was only about 75%.  No excuse for having it below 99 on Trilliax.  This is super important as your 4-piece requires both dots. 

     3. You only case 11 moon-spells.  On a 4:42 fight you should have had, what 21-22? 

     4. You used starfall which doesn't really fit into a single target fight.  There are people who just go with a pure starfall AOE build and keep that for single target though.  If you were doing that then you should have used starfall a ton more.  Need to pick one of the 2 approaches and fully commit to it. 

     5. The logs show melee attacks on the boss.  I'm not sure why this would ever be the case. 

     6. Your incarnation wasn't used until after your pre-pot and lust fell off.  Make sure to use it on pull along with lust and your pre-pot. 

     7. Doesn't look like you used a 2nd pot. 

     8. You had 2 inc's used during the fight.  I would think you could have had 3 since you have the inc ring.

     9. You were very low in damage taken.  My guess is that you were conscientiously avoiding and moving from every damage.  A big part of DPS is knowing what damage you can stand in and what you have to move out of.  Also when you can stand in something long enough to finish a cast vs stopping your cast and moving right away.  Just don't tell your healers. ;-) 

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