Returning hunter after 5/6 month break pleases help

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Good morning, To start off I'm getting very frustrated w/ my DPS, I can barely maintain over 350K -390k single tar and about 400k aoe, but I feel I should be a lot higher. Maybe I am being too hard on myself since I don't have the gear since being away for a long time.
I just came back after a 6-month break and currently, am quite confused as to which of the 2 specs to actually work on between markmens and Beast Master.
I have 35 traits in marks  and 28 in Bm

I am running S/T trick shot build with marks with volley for the aoe m
ran normal Pug Nh in mostly marks and went Bm just for the logs on Tichondrius, Botanist and Eli running without flask or food buff

 : Krosus  and Star Augur was ninja pulled and i came into the fight when he was already under 60% so irgnore that log :
the only differences with my Bm gear is my weapon is 882 ilvl, also keep in mind with the patch 2 days away i can wither get my bm trait to 36 or marks to 41 depending on what advice anyone can give me thank you .

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